What's planted/growing in your yard so far?

catnohat(5)April 5, 2013

I thought it would be fun to hear what is poking its head up in everyone's gardens and yards. Also what all seeds have you sown?(indoors or outside) I know some people have already posted their lists of peppers and tomato starts, but I am just wondering about other seeds and such.

I just took a walk around my yard and thought, "just how many snapdragons do I have?" So, I counted them. So far that I see greening up is 40 dwarfs and 80 giants. All but a couple of them are from last year or older. There looked to be a couple babies. So when more babies start popping up, I will pot them up for the swap.

I also have:
poppies- 6 inches tall
yarrow- 4 inches tall
daffodils- 2 or 3 days from blooming
tulips- 3 inches tall
Iris- 6 inches tall
day lillys-5 inches tall
Becky daisy-from Skybird,little green shoots 1 inch tall
purple asters- also from Skybird,1 inch tall
chocolate nigella- 1 inch tall
Bachelor buttons-2 inches tall
carnation-greening up
parsley- 1 inch tall
oregano- greening up at the base of the mound
sage- greening up at the base of the mound
chives- 6 inches tall
honeysuckle- little green leaves everywhere

wintersown milkjugs:
spinach- 1 inch tall
romaine lettuce- 1 inch tall
chocolate nigella- sprouting
delphinium- no sign
tritoma-no sign
marigold- no sign
coleus- no sign
butterfly weed-Asclepias tuberosa- no sign

my white climbing rose is in a big pot outside. All four canes have new growth on them.
I also have 2 hollyhock roots growing in a big pot until their new home is ready.

started in pots yesterday:
lemon cucumber
cucumber- can't remember which I used. I'll have to go find the pack.
mixed gourds- I'm not growing pumpkins this year!

planting in the ground today:
green beans- not sure which ones yet

I buy most of my tomato, broccoli, and pepper plants or I get them from the swap!

There are lots of weeds thriving out there too. I think I hear them calling to me now... I better go get em!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I think I have too many things growing and blooming to even list them!

My snow crocus that have been in the ground for years are already finished blooming--sometimes they get a second flush and I hope they do this year! I got 250 “new” snow crocus at the VanEngelen 40% off sale in fall and the 125 I put around the pine in my front yard the end of January started blooming about a month ago, more every day, with a slight hesitation during our last storm. Another batch I put in the backyard mid-February is starting to bloom and the other batch is up but not blooming yet.

Other bulbs! Ipheion and Chionodoxa planted last year blooming. Eranthus blooming, but the one batch the squirrels have access to “lost” most of the flowers! The Squirrels seem to consider the flowers a delicacy for breakfast! Rock garden iris, Iris reticulata, the blue ones are done but expecting other colors to bloom yet. Geranium tuberosum that never came up at all last year--thought they had rotted in the ground, are coming up this year! My “old” grape hyacinths are budding and starting to open. Last year’s ‘Valerie Finnis’ grape hyacinths (sky blue) are growing like crazy but no buds yet. A species tulip, Tulip dasystemon from last year, a few are up but it looks like many of them may have rotted in the ground over winter--gives me somewhere else to plant some new bulbs this fall! The new Hyacinths I planted over winter aren’t up yet, but my old ones are up and all with buds or a couple of them wide open already--I love the scent of hyacinths!

The daffodils, ‘Faith’, which are supposed to be pink, are blooming but it’s most definitely not pink! Another “pink” I got last year had one bud when we got the last snow and it’s head broke over so I brought it in and stuck it in water but I think it had been too long before I got it in water and it did kind of open but didn’t look very good! It’s not pink either--I think I’m gonna give up on getting a pink daf! A few of my old yellow dafs are blooming---cut a couple of them before the last snow so they wouldn’t break off and had them in the house for a week--which was really nice when it was snowing outside!

The ‘Ronaldo’ tulips I got from TreeBarb are way up and budding. Lilies ‘Monte Negro’ and ‘Red Electric’ I got from Barb last year are up and multiplying like crazy! Four varieties of German Iris are growing like crazy but too early for buds. The ‘Star of Persia’ Allium from a swap long ago is a foot tall but not budding yet.

Regular perennials! The Rockcress, both Arabis and Aubrietia are blooming. Pasque flower, Pulsatilla, three blooming--P. vulgaris in white and purple, and the purple P. patens. Primroses starting to bloom, Johnny-jump-ups starting to bloom ALL over the place, and sweet violets blooming--at least the pink ones are! My orange creeping wallflower, Erysimum, is budding, along with ‘Waterperry’ creeping Veronica and also creeping Veronica repens, and all the Ajugas are starting to bud.

Not budding/blooming! Everything else except the “late” things (like hosta) are up anywhere from just a couple inches to about a foot. Several varieties of daylilies, small but up and looking good. My two dark foliage upright sedums are 6-8” tall already. All my different hen & chicks are in the process of turning their wonderful spring colors! Old fashioned bleeding heart well up but not budding yet, and I’m glad for that ‘cause for something that likes to come up and bloom so early they sure don’t seem to understand the concept that they’re not supposed to freeze when it gets “too” cold and I’ve had the buds/foliage freeze a couple times with late freezes! I’m jumping up and down about the ‘Looking Glass’ Brunnera I got from Dryad58 at the Spring ’09 swap--this is the first year it’s really noticeably getting bigger (all about that Heavy Clay I have!) and I think it’s gonna look REALLY good this summer! Wonderful foliage plant--with flowers, albeit small flowers! I have three seedling columbine from a ProvoGirl swap plant that are looking really good this year (the original plant died) and I can’t wait to see what color they are!

And then! My “regular” yellow iceplant died off the whole way this winter--and that’s ok with me! Something else will go there! Right now it looks like most of my ‘Black Scallop’ Ajuga may have died, but some of it is still alive so I’ll just get the patch going again! And I’m not sure, but it looks like my Mesa Verde iceplant may have died off completely! Will know for sure in a month and then will need to decide if I want to replace it or not if I’m right! And my ‘Tricolor’ sage died! Not too surprised! It was about 7 years old and I think it had Alzheimer’s!

No seeds! Didn’t get winter sowing done and then decided to skip it all together this year since I’ll be gone a while in May and there wouldn’t be anybody to take care of them. And, had been planning to get my tomatoes and eggplants sown on the first, so I’m a few days late! As usual!

I spent three hours yesterday out turning over my tomato/veggie garden for the first time this year (that means it’s badly packed down!), and starting to turn in bags and bags of whole leaves from last fall. With all the wintertime vermi-procreating I’ve had going on under the leaf bags for the last few years the worms are “thick” out there now! (And after turning in all the whole leaves last spring the “soil” is FINALLY starting to actually get better!) But the first “row” I dig is immediately along the fence and it’s infested with cottonwood roots so it takes forever to get that 18” done and it’s incredibly hard work since I dig down as far as I can--and even slightly under the neighbor’s fence, to cut the roots off as far down/back as I can! And after getting that started I “reset” all the pieces of flagstone that are my path thru that part of the garden and redid another big stepping stone on the other side of the yard in the perennials. Boy, was I tired and sore last nite! And I’ll be heading back out there today to do some more! Takes a while to get the muscles back in shape after sitting inside all winter! And if predictions hold up we could get a GOOD storm on Monday/Tuesday! Yesterday one of the weathermen said we could get up to two feet in the mountains and up to two inches of precip down here! Finger’s crossed!

Time to head back outside,

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Crocus are all done as are xerix iris, daffies just starting as are Scilla. Too many things growing to list.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

I have quite a few things that are/have been sprouting: daylilies, iris, narcissus (ones in the front yard are just about bloomed out, but the ones in the back are more in the sprout stage), tulips, primrose, Easter Lily (they missed their day, but will enjoy whenever they do bloom!), roses, bleeding heart, fruit trees and wisteria showing signs they'll be sprouting buds soon, honeysuckle, yarrow, chives and walking onions have leaves ready for snipping, strawberries, rhubarb, and I have beets, broccoli, and spinach seeds sprouting.

Yeah for spring :) Need to get out to the back beds and rake out the leaf mulch, so am sure I'll discover some more!

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

catnohat, isn't it early for planting beans?

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Seeing some daylilies, planted lots last year so I'm anxiously waiting, lots of peonies (divided a few before they started growing much for the spring swap), tulips, hyacinth, strawberry plants are greening...Wintersowed lots of perennials and see tiny specks of green in 6 or 8 jugs so far....We're several weeks behind Parker and Aurora here for growing....

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I will have a bunch of chives . .

. in a plate full of scrambled eggs . .

. just any day now!

who found the first dandelion flower, y'day

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I guess it is too early to plant green beans. What about sugar snap peas? Are they early like other peas? My daughter loves them, and they are expensive. I need a good crop of those!

Today my daughter and I started some annuals. marigolds, coral zinnias, scabiosa, allyssum, and stock. It looks like I'll set up a little light after all.

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Cat, I really don't know what your weather situation is like because I am so far away. Actually, the best I can understand about Colorado is that you almost need to be over on the next block to know what someone's weather is like!

Peas are a very early choice for the garden. I'd imagine that snap peas would be fine altho' I often start and finish the year with snow peas.

I've got some onion sets, shallots and spinach seed planted. It has been raining but the seed potatoes are sprouting here in the south room! I'd better get them into the ground next. And, oh yeah, I can cultivate that first bed of peas, too!

Happy Gardening!


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rt_peasant(5 CO)

I got my cold season crops in the ground this past weekend, just in time for a nice, ground soaking snowstorm.

Onions - Copra, Red Candy Apple
Peas - Sugar Sprint, Sugar Snap
Fava Beans

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