Desperate for pruning advice

Will07(5)November 7, 2013

She's become so huge that next fall if I don't trim her she won't be able to come back inside. Had a hell of a time wrestling the branches through the door this time around. Also in several places new inflows started but it was very late in the season so they never flowered. They are still attached but soon they're just going to dry up and fall off and start new branches which is the last thing I need. I want to cut her back quite a bit but of course without damaging her. Would it be possible to cut all the top branching parts off and be left with the 6 main stems? Also, I've stopped watering her so all the leaves fall off for the winter. Last winter she was kept watered and had a full set of leaves but had a really bad white fly problem. Any and all advice is appreciated!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey will.

that is a great one. You have done a great job with it. do you have any more? If not you will soon coming to this place. Do you know What type is it? You can prune it how ever you want and it will come back just fine. Im going to say next spring is your best best and when you do let the cut stop oozing sap and then seal it with an outdoor caulking like DAP that can be found at pretty much any hardware store.


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That's a nice plant. It looks like its about 7 or 8 years old? and zone 5 is a short season. I would prune in April in your zone. It really has a nice shape so I was thinking if you found a lower / wider container it might save you a couple inches of head room without cutting much. IMO Plumerias like wide containers versus tall containers. the roots radaite out and down versus down (like a tap root).

I would also selectively prune branches (1 in 3 this spring) so you still have a chance of blooms on the other 2/3rds. I like to leave about 4-6 inches from a branch joint if I want it to regrow (about like the one broken branch to the right of center). If i do not want the branch to regrow I will cut as flush to the collar as possible and seal just like Mike said.

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Here's a pic of her in the summer, I don't know the name but it gets white flowers with a yellow throat. It's probably over 15 years old, my grandpa brought some cuttings back from Hawaii a long time ago.

Thanks for the advice on pruning it will give me something to think about how I want to shape her. Is it necessary to seal the cuts? It's probably a good idea no doubt. And I could start a bunch of new plants too!

I do have 1 other one I got a couple years ago it's probably only 1.5' - 2' tall and it's supposed to be pink. I haven't seen the flowers yet.

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