Minimum Temp for Peppers

jefferylSeptember 15, 2008

I have a handful of pepper plants, what is the minimum temperature that they can survive?

I have Poblanos, Habaneros, Red Habs, assorted bells, Jalapenos, and a Tabasco.

Should I build a little green house or something for them?

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Freezing (32F) will kill them.

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t-bob(west wa)

dude, if you live in harbor city, ca, like it looks might be so if that is your zip code, then i think you will have no problems. i think people in california have pepper plants live thru the winter. maybe people from cal. can chime in

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A solid deep freeze into the ground can/will kill them, but many varieties (bells, jal, anaheim) can take frost and grow back in the spring. Other varieties (hab, cayenne) are more sensitive.

If the forecast is around 30-34 low then cover them with a blanket.

Set tubs of water in the sun - ideally sealed in black containers.

If lower than 30F cover with a heavy blanket and place tubs of warmed water next to and underneath blankets

Different parts of the garden will get colder than others.

I have several plants survive three days of 28F and lower in a row with no cover other than a light blanket.


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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

As a zone 5a grower, I've gotten to know frost damage.

The most cold-tolerant pepper I've grown so far, is Rocoto. Hands down the winner in cold tolerance to my experience.

If the temps drop below 50f, just about anything else will stall.

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I don't think I have ever seen frost here. I guess I will see how they do.

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jesse_2008(ZONE 10)

T-Bob, You mentioned something about Harbor City Ca, Well guess what I also Live right next door "San Pedro"

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I live in the San Fernando Valley (about an hour away) and 99% of my plants do ok outside all winter.
Jalapenos and some others fruit year round.
I know a few of my plants died at anything lower than 55 degrees-Explosive Ember,Red Hot thai,some habaneros and ornamentals.
I think too much water is the hardest thing on plants during cool weather.
I loose plants when it rains and gets cold.
If it rains but stays fairly warm they do ok.I think they survive rain or cold but can't handle both at the same time.
My Habanero Arbol is going on 6 yrs. old.I have several plants that are 2-3 yrs. old out there.I grow in containers only.

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jesse_2008(ZONE 10)

How can I put my E-Mail address on the Garden Web so others can send an E-Mali to me??

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go to home the bottom it says members pages.
click on it then click on edit your page.don't forget after typing your e mail address in the boxes to go to the bottom where it says to let members see your address

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I am up north In Paradise California and It snows Here in December,January,February-and sometimes even as late as late as March and Early April..Planted a Cheyenne and Jalapeno and the Deer ate the Cheyenne the top and almost to nothing and its a 2 foot bush the weather generally turns cold in December..will they survive in mid day temperatures in the 40s and night temperatures in High 30s

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Frost, which can form above freezing, will kill the leaves. The roots and stem will survive so long as they don't freeze.


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