Anyone Going to Luckybottom's Spring Swap Need Garden Labels?

lizbest1(5)April 27, 2013

I recently ordered 100 plant labels from and plan to order more, probably can use another 300. They offer a volume discount so I thought I'd ask if anyone going to the swap wanted to split an order. The type I ordered is their C item, they're $34.50/100, $149.75/500 and $255.00 for 1000. They do tack on 5% for ordering with credit card but there is no tax (yet!) and shipping is included. The pic I attached is their label on the left, one I bought at a garden center for $6.99 for 10 on the right. You can see theirs is taller, writing surface is the same. Theirs is much more rigid and sturdy. You use a grease pencil to mark them, theirs are $0.80 for 1 or 12 for $6.25 or mechanical pencils for $1.75 or 12 for 16.95 with 5 replacement leads for $1.50.
I will place an order on Wednesday so if anyone wants in reply to this post quickly! That will allow enough time so they will be in before the swap and we can settle up there if there is interest. If anyone wants to see the labels but not order any now just let me know, I'll bring some to show.

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Liz; Sorry that there doesn't seem to be any takers on your offer. I tried this kind of markers and they were too cumbersome for me. I have switched to the white plastic that are 100 for $4.

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No problem! I've used the plastic ones before but they end up getting lost in the mulch, prefer the longer legs of the metal ones. They won't suffer from being stored, I'm sure I'll use all of them eventually!

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Liz, if you've got some extras, I'll take some at the swap--sorry I don't check in here regularly until I'm looking for something specific. If you've got extras, please bring them; if not, no worries!

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Mayberrygardener, I certainly will bring the extras. See you there!

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