Poor little grocery mini not taking off

esther_bApril 13, 2010

I saved a grocery mini (I assume it's one of the Parade types) from being tossed and brought it home. It had no flowers, and all the leaves dropped off from not having been watered. The canes of the 4 plants were green. I put it in a window and kept it moist. Three of the 4 canes are still green, and 2 of them are putting out new leaves. The leaves have what appears to be slightly lighter green dust on some of them. Is this the sign of a pest? If so, what can I do to save this poor little guy and make it thrive?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Plant it outside. It isn't getting enough light or humidity inside. The "dust" may be the start of powdery mildew.

Scroll down the main Mini page and find the thread "How to save a potted gift rose" for more information.

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I say plant it outside too. I've never had any of those grocery store minis, even healthy ones, do well indoors even in the sunniest of windows. Planted outside, they almost always do great. I use ortho, disease, fungus and insect spray on mine, it works systemically. I've been using a new granular rose food and disease control as well, that goes on the soil.

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I have one I just got. I have it in my greenhous (little one in the livingroom) under (right under) a very good grow light, that is (about 2.5 ft under yet another grow light) It seems to be thriving. Can't put it out now or a freak frost might get it. Is this an ok situation for about one more month? or do I risk it?

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I put the mini outside about 10 days ago. The leaves are definitely bigger. The powdery mildew (which I was hoping the sunshine would cure) is still there, but not on the new leaves. I think the mini is much happier outside than inside, but needs time and sunshine to make a comeback.

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