chimera effect or normal color for Lavender Splash

labland(Inland Valley CA9)November 2, 2010

I was perusing my Plumeria book ( Jim Little's) thinking about chimera effect, and whether the pictures I had posted earlier on my Lavender Splash were showing chimera effect or part of the normal coloring.

Anyone have any experience with chimera effect? I am simply curious to increase my own knowledge in these matters. The new flowers that are opening since last week's rain are also showing some of the same markings, to a lesser degree, i.e. a dark splash or spot of color.

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I have similar experience on a Celadine during the later part of this season. The flower was white/yellow with pink splotches and a pink stripe on the back of the petals. Was repeated a few times in short waves. then would clear up (or maybe I didnt see them). Seemed to me that the Chimera petals were different in shape and overlap.

Potentially a virus or other mutation causes it. I have some further pics on my cell I can post tonight of the flower. No problems noted with the tree (7Ft x 4ft beautifully branched and shaped 11 year old specimen). Matter of fact its wrapping up its bloom (no seed pods though) and the lower leaves are yellowing and dropping as usual. It's the first one on the left in the below picture.

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