Branches develop tan bark

sunseeker53(10a CA USA)November 25, 2011

Hello! Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!

I was at my sister's house in Sacramento for Thanksgiving, and noticed that the plumeria plants I had given her the year before have developed a strange crusty tan color on about 4" of the growing tips. I own the same varieties and my plants don't have anything like that. Other than the tan crusty color, the plants seem healthy otherwise.

Do anybody here know what this is and how to remedy it (if is a problem).

Thanks for any feedback!

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Joshuat80(La 9)

I am really new at this, but from the diseases that i have read about nothing matches this.
To be honest it almost looks like it got sunburned. I would wait on someone a bit more experienced to chime in here. but that is what i think it is if i had to guess.

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Seems like its limited to the green wood. the tips look relatively clear and green, the leaves are a bit yellow but that just may be end of season. I have not seen sunburn look this before. But its possible. Plumeria Psoriasis? :) Its definately something attacking the soft green skin.

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some of the leaves dont look so well either.

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Sun, that looks like it might be a sucking insect causing a defensive reaction on the branches. The leaves certainly look like something's been attacking them.

It probably won't kill the plant, but you may want to take a leaf sample in a plastic baggie to a reputable nursery and ask for a diagnosis. Then they could recommend a treatment.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Thanks everybody for your input!
I don't think it's sunburn because I have a few sunburnt plants and the burns usually look tan and smooth, not crusty like this. Jen, you may be right, because I noticed some leaves look like they might have spider mites damage. Maybe the plants had a defensive reaction like you said. My sister is going to try spraying a diluted dishwashing soap solution to see if it helps reduce the spider mites issue, and see if the branches will grow normal skin again.

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That definitely looks like spider mite damage on those leaves. Cheryl

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I concur that there are bad spider mites on the newer leaves. They also attack the tips, so perhaps you're seeing the stem tissue reaction to spider mites from a long period of infestation.

I think once you get the mites under control, the plant will be just fine.

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