Need advice on moving roses

VonniegirlApril 22, 2005

HI I'm a novice mini rose grower.I recieved a collection of minis from my Mom last year(from SpringHill nursery),and they thrived planted, in soil, not pots in a newly created rock garden. They are comming back like gang busters (survived better than my "big" girls this very cold winter) I have just bought a new house and need advice on how to move them without killing them!!! Also is it "normal" for some varities to be mini climbers????? I have 2 that are reaching for the sky and bloom, bloom, bloom. Thanks for any info Vonniegirl

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desertratrose(z9 AZ-PHX)

Yes there are mini climbers. There are also minis that grow to three or four feet as bushes. Its only the bloom size that makes them minis. You can always put a

Ideally, you dig up as much rootball as possible, wrap in wet burlap or wet newspapers and plastic, and take directly to the new site where you have holes waiting for them. If you can't do that, pot them up in the appropriate sized pots until you can plant them at the new house. You want as much of the rootball as possible and some good potting mix, if you have to pot them. If you are going to pot them (most likely scenario, I'm guessing), I would do it sooner rather than later so you can baby them and make sure they are stable in their new pot homes before you're in the thick of the moving process and harried and without time to notice if they are suffering (can you tell I hate moving?).

Good luck!

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Thanks Suz! They will be going from rock garden to new rock garden,(dirt to dirt) yep I'm nuts I'm moving roses rocks and all(look so pretty together) Thanks for the info on climbers..... One other thing on moving the little girls, do I need to cut the bushes back, like I would standard roses? Hope not, we are moving in the middle of first bloom and would hate to miss their spring glory. Thanks againfor the info!

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