What are these yellow/tan/black marks on the leaves?

JBear822November 6, 2013

If you see in the photo I uploaded, there are these yellow/tan marks on the leaves - they're actually engraved on the leaves. I can feel a "ditch" or "grooves" when i rub them. Where do they come from?

Also, there are black marks, but they don't exactly feel physically different than the normal part of the leaf. What are these marks?

I'm wondering if it's stressed from overgrown roots/needing to be repotted or if it's coming from the rubbing alcohol I use to wipe off the scale. Could it be from being in the office? Thoughts?

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it could be from the rubbing alcohol or other outside factors (bumps, folds, etc.). But either way its late in the season and the leaves look mostly healthy otherwise so I would leave it be. The leaves will fall off in the next couple of months so...problem solved. :)

Good luck

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