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barb_roselover_inApril 25, 2012

Back in the winter, I had purchased a very pretty pink mini rose from the grocery store. It had died down, and I followed the instructions to repot them, soaking the roots to pull them apart, etc. Mine had three in one. I repotted all three of them, but only one of them really took hold. The second doesn't look dead, but is struggling. The other is dead. The one that is thriving is very proudly blooming out in my little greenhouse. I am afraid to put it outside, although it seems like some of you have done that. Would it survive in Zone 5 weather? How about fertilizing and any organic spraying? Thanks for any help. Barb

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seil zone 6b MI

It's a rose just like any other rose. Treat it exactly the same as any other rose. You can keep it potted or plant it in the ground. Feed it (once a month with any good balanced fertilizer) and water (about 1 inch of water per week) it regularly. In your zone roses need some kind of winter protection. If you keep it potted make sure the pot is large enough for a rose that can get as large as 3 feet tall and wide. The flowers and leaves are "miniature" but the plant can get as large as a regular size rose. If potted you can store it in an unheated garage for the winter, up off the floor, and watered monthly and it should do fine. If you plant it in the ground mulch it heavily with leaves or soil.

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