Miniature roses

laurano(z5 IL)May 11, 2006

I am a first time planter for miniature roses. Zone 5, No. Il; will it be best to plant in ground or pots? I wanted to leave them out for the winter. Thanks for help. Laurano

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i also live in zone 5 and if you intend for these little jems to be alive next spring you need to either put them in the ground or you can also place them in pots (i recommend the new styrofoam type of pots) however, you would need to place them in the garage or cold frame and keep them watered. don't forget to mulch they are short on the roots and will dry out quickly. i have mine in the ground in a grouping and they are my favorites. good luck.

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dpinker1(z4 NY)

I'm in zone 5 by Syracuse. I planted them all in the ground and do not bring them inside in the winter. They are growing great. I put extra soil around them and mulch for the winter time so they are protected. Good soil is important so check that out and remember to water. Best of luck.

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laurano(z5 IL)

Thanks to those Zone 5 who responded. I have decided to plant in ground and mulch. Sounds easiest and looking forward to this summer's blooms. Hope they bloom the first year.

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I am new to mini roses and i recieved a pot of Chica Kordana Miniatures Roses and i was looking for so advice about them i was wanting to plant them outside but the tag that came with it well it says bright to medium light and to keep moist so the way i took it was that they are meant to be a inside plant . So i am looking for some advice on whether or not i should plant them outside or not ? Thank You and would appericate any advice. Misty_24

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