sticky claws leaves not growing

lablover4everNovember 12, 2012

my cuttings that i got in august or september are not showing any roots and the claws are so sticky that the tiny appearing leaves are stuck to it. i don't see how the leaves could ever open and really i have not seen one open. when the leaves turn black and i try to pull them off they are so sticky that that it pulls away with goo. is this normal?


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Tia, this is when they start going to sleep, so unless you can fool your cuttings with bottom heat and lots of light they will most likely not root until next spring.

The sticky goo at the top is pretty normal. Many of mine started tiny claws that went black when the days got shorter and I just pull them off. The orange sticky stuff seems to be there to stop insects from sucking on the tender tips.

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thanx jandey. i have a germiniation mat so they havea bottom heat plus i have a light over top of them. i didnt know they got that sticky. thanx

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