What are my cuttings doing??

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)November 7, 2012

A dear friend gifted me w/ 3 very important cuttings.

I left them in mulch per George's instructions for 2 weeks to callus then I potted them up on Sept. 24th.

Exactly 6 weeks later I still don't see any roots, but I think the leaves are trying to open??

The leaves range from 2-4 inches long... so still very tiny.

Why are they starting to open when I don't see any roots?

One of the 3 cuttings is slightly sunburned so the tips are black and crispy.

Anyway, what does all of this mean?? Are they rooting? Dying or what? I have never gotten this far w/ any of my cuttings... so I have no idea if this is normal? It has been cold at night so I have been taking them in at night and out during the day in the shade. Thanks!

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You said you potted them up...but then you said you don't "see" any roots - where are you looking for them? (You're not digging in there are you?!) LOL! The leaves opening are usually a sign they are beginning to root. Many say that once you have about 7 full sized leaves you can begin to water lightly. They're doing what they're supposed to, all good. Keep 'em warm & they will continue to do well! Great job!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

LOL... I know better than digging in there. I potted them up in the clear water bottles so I can see that there are no roots.

I'm ordering a heat mat so I can leave them inside by the kitchen's bay window. Temps are cooler now so I HOPE the sun through the glass window won't burn them. I want these to root soooo badly so I can stop saying I kill cuttings! Plus these are very precious cuttings.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

LEAVE THEM ALONE. As long as the stems are hard, they are fine. Do not water them until the leaves get about 6-8 inches long and then water around the outside edge of the pot to encourage roots to go out looking for water. They may drop the leaves and go dormant which does not mean they are dying, but that they are going dormant. If that happens cut the water to a few ounces around the outside edge every month until leaves show in March. You will often not see roots for 8-15 weeks especially at this time of the year. :) Bill

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hi Bill,

I only move them nightly b/c it's cold outside but then warm during the day. I have not watered them at all since I potted them up in Sept. I think once my heat pad comes and I can leave them by the bay window inside for the winter then I won't touch them again until we move. But they look ok though right?? Thanks so much! Glad to see you're on here Bill! Miss you!

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bottom heat and no peaking.

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