mini rose - can share a trellis? plant spacing?

connie1946(4)May 18, 2006

My sister has sent me a gift of a "Pink Above All" miniature rose. It arrived (Door County WISCONSIN zone 5) from NorEast about a week ago. Since it's been mostly rainy, cloudy windy and in the 50' I've kept it indoors near my florescent lights until yesterday when I set it outside in it's original pot. Today the sun is shinning and I'd like to plant it. I've been told a miniature rose might look nice climbing on the same trellis with a clematis. I can't recall the name of the clematis I have in mind. But it is supposed to bloom all summer and it is pink in the center with white toward the edges. The clematis spent it's first year in a pot on the porch, second year out in my garden where it stayed quite small and only had a few blooms, thins year it's looking is still small compared to my jackmani (sp?).I am thinking of putting the "Pink Above All" miniature rose near the clematis so they can climb together. Is this a good idea? or am I asking for trouble? And if I do close can these plants be spaced in the ground? Also how close to the foot of the trellis would you put a plant?

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