Any opinions on the Hurricane plumeria?

georgeccNovember 7, 2012

Have a chance to get a nice 5' tree, but not too familiar with this one. Anyone seen or have one and want to share opinions?

And anyone have one in Southern California? Is it more red or pink here?


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Not sure how it does in California but here in Texas it bloomed beautifully for me and was a good bloomer too. I would definitely recommend this one. It is one of my favorites.


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Thanks, Joan. Good to hear!

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Here is a pic from August this year.
Mine is a small plant 2', purchased from FCN in May and bloomed in August. It became more red with the heat.
Here in North Texas our August heat averages 95-105.

I would get Hurricane!!!


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Here's another pic.
It's supposed to have a cinnamon scent, but it was more of a faint perfume to my nose. PS. top left is an older bloom.

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Lonnie, Thanks for the beautiful pics. Our Augusts here average 88-105 or so, so I think we'd both get some good reds on this.

I'm picking up a couple of trees this weekend, and they also had Hurricane (and Gulf Stream, and a cold-tolerant variety from Mexico, and Kimi Moragne). So I have to make a choice (although TooManyDogs would say "pick them all!"). I have a lot of red and dark pink ones, but this one does seem quite beautiful. Thanks for the tips and info!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Car needs a wash!! ;-)

Have fun Simi(George) Please post pics!!

""Pick them all..."" I like that!!


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I seem to remember this one making a better impression on me in person than in photos, I think because of the scent. But, I didn't have a notebook with me so I can't be 100% sure that this was the one that smelled so nice. Sorry. :( It is supposed to be a smaller grower, so that's a good trait.

As far as Kimi goes--since I know you said you got a Grainy Moragne cutting--I think one of its AKAs is Grainy M. But again, not 100% sure. We'd need James or Bill to confirm that.

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Hey George,
I have Hurricane. It is very nice and makes large inflos. It is very difficult to capture the colors though with a camera. One thing I notice about it is that when you cut a branch it dies back badly. I coat the cuts with sulfur, let it dry, and then coat it with LET (liquid Electrical Tape, available at HD). Here are two pictures.

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Citizen Insane - those are some great pics. It's quite beautiful. It wouldn't surprise me if it got that red over here. Thank you very much.

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Mine colored up very nicely last summer. Where I live by the water it doesn't get above 90F often. Very nice scent. This, and Puu Kahea, survived snow, upper 20'sF and extended cold and wet last fall in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, before I was able to dig them out for winter storage. I would characterize it as cold resistant. I guess it's fitting that 'Hurricane' survived the hurricane.

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Thank you so much. That's a beauty. I got it and am planting it in a part of the yard called "The Springs". On one side, I've got a Miami Rose and a Hurricane. Does it sound like those two would look good together? On the other side, I have Kimo and Rainbow 36. And inbetween, I have a couple of funky Brazilian Tower Trees, that lost all their fronds(?) in the cold (a freak 28 degrees on night this winter) but have already grown them back. Thanks everybody for all your help. I think I'm going to love Hurricane.

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Emerson mentioned this one last time I talked to him, seems, in the back of my foggy brain, that die back was a big problem and may not be too tolerant of high humidity. I know after talking to him I took it off my want list. Which probably means you have the perfect climate for it.

Get them all, you know you'll be sorry if you don't.
Tally HO!

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I purchased hurricane, because I was told it was a low grower, which I was looking for. Mine has not bloomed, I purchased it last August or Sept. from FC. Barbra

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Barbara my little honeybunny! Let me know how it does, I thought it would be perfect, what with being named hurricane and all, for the island.

Tally HO!

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Tally, the reason I bought it was someone on this forum recommended it. His name was Dewaine 2008. He said that Hurricane ,Suzanne Saint Amour, and Magnum Opus were his favorite plumeria.. I also love Magnum Opus, so I bought it on his recommendation. I wanted to order the Suzanne St Amour, but never got around to it. I got my new order from FC last week and you can tell someone else is grafting the plants. I will probably not order any more plants from there. Barbra

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Mine was a dud. I purchased a grafted (which I do not prefer) after hearing and reading that it was compact and that it would easily bloom in the shade. After 3 years and only a few smail leaves, I sold it. I don't have the patience for slackers ;) The pics of the blooms are beautiful though!

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