my chilli flowers keep falling off why???

bubbly4meSeptember 13, 2005

Hi there

I was given a chilli plant a month ago.Not sure what kind of chilli it is but when my cousin gave it to me, it was about 8 inches tall and were flowering. I have put it on my kitchen's window sill with lots of sunlight. I saw one flower start to become fruit then it fell off one day with the stem that attached to the plant. I was so sad but thought not to worry, there are plenty more flowers that will become fruit. Then after about a week of the other flowers have bloomed, they fell off too with the stems!!! At this rate I will never have a chilli. Why is that? I thought it could be the plant is lacked of food so I have fed it with tomato food, is this right?

Any help will be appreciated.

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jiggy(z8 M/cr, UK)

Hello there,
Are you over watering perhaps? this happened to me, though the flowers dropped off as they were just buds never mind flowering. I dropped the watering back to twice a week instead of three times a week and they set better. I've been told that's quite common with Orange Habaneros though.
Also, how much are you diluting the feed and how often are you feeding?

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Hi Jiggy

Thankyou so much for replying. Over watering could be the case. I water it 3 times a week. I will try to cut down the watering from now on.

I have only fed it once since I got the plant which was few days ago and the reason I fed it was because the flowers keep falling off and I thought it was because it needed feeding. I planned to feed it once a week. I follow the instruction for the tomato feed. It says 20ml in 4.5 litre water. I gave the plant about a capful of the bottle. Do you think this is enough or too much?

Many thanks again for replying. :o)

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You should be feeding high P and K and low N stuff for fruiting.

What was the NPK (numbers on bottle as in: 10-10-10) ratio of the fertilizer you used?

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Hi Willard3

Thankyou for you reply. It says on the bottle 4 - 4.5 - 8. What do you think?

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byron(4a/5b NH)

That sounds like agloflash

One feeding is all you need..

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jimster(z7a MA)

The suggestions above are good. And also, the change from wherever it was before to its new location in the house could cause blossom drop.

Don't assume that, because the plant dropped some blossoms, it will drop them all. My chiles in the garden dropped a noticable amount, but most remained and matured.


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Thank you so much everyone for all your replies. Such a friendly lot. I have lerned so much by just posting one post. Thanks again.

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JMaxx(z9 AZ)

I believe you have a pollination problem. I had a pepper plant start in a pot in my office at work. It started in a pot containing an agave plant as a result of "composting" pepper seeds from my lunch. It produced flowers which fell off in a couple days and did not produce peppers. I realized there are no bugs in the building (at least of the pollinator variety- flys, bees, butterflies) to pollinate the flowers.

I grabbed a paperclip, straightened it out and started manually pollinating. I gently move the clip inside the flower touching pistol and stymen while holding my hand under the flower to catch falling pollin. I rub the clip in the pollin on my hand and repeat on the next flower.

I am now enjoying homegrown peppers grown on my desk at lunch.

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i have the exact same problem but my pepper is grown in a hydroponic dwc system. for the last couple of weeks i have been testing different phs and differnt fert % but the flowers still fall off after a few days. anyone ever grown in hydroponic or know what could be a problem? i was thinking that it could be the lighting, but when i read that JMaxx grew in an office i knew that that could not be the problem. And as for them not being pollenated i tried to use my finger to rub pollen in the inners of ever flower and that never seems to help them either. like i said i am at a loss as to what to do.

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