Beautiful yellow minature rose bush

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)May 19, 2010

Several years ago when my husband was in hospital for broncitis, our next door neighbor bought over a minature yellow rose bush that continues to outshine the regular size. Each stem is so loaded with buds/blooms..I took some over to a dessert party last night and people couldn't believe all those buds on one stem. I am noticing black spot and yellowing of bottom leaves. What brand of Rose spray or rose food for that? Want to get it under control before it does more damage. The neighbors asked me where I have roses planted. They are in the back of the house where they can't see them. Need to get out there and dig up thistles today. Is there anything that gets rid of those thistles permanently so they don't return. Round-up or Weed-b-gone. I dig them up and pull and discard in a trash bad. Where do these darn thistle come from anyhow? In mulch or birds?

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

My beautiful yellow rose bush is struggling after all those beautiful blooms it gave me. Either blackspot or too much water. I've been feeding it every 2 weeks with Bayer all in 1 flower and rose care, mixing up 1 gal. and pouring at the base of the rose bush and every two weeks, spraying with baking soda, dish soap and water on the foliage. Hoping to see a difference soon. What if I just prunned it back to the ground and let it grow back? I've got garden phlox planted behind it, as well as BES beside it. Maybe there's not enough air circulation. How deep do the roots of those minature rose bushes go? Would it survive in a large patio container?

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

On my list next week is to buy another soaker hose to put in the bed where my roses are. Maybe that will help prevent blackspot or mildew on the foliage. The hydranea were looking a bit wilted yesterday so we hooked up the one we bought last year and let it run for an hour. Today, they have perked up.

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Once you have blackspot on your rose, it won't go away on its own. The spores will spread from leaf to leaf until they all are infected. I would suggest you spray with Manzate three times, three days apart, and then buy a fungicide at the store that says it prevents blackspot and be sure to follow all the directions on how to mix it and how often to use it. There are some roses that are very resistant to blackspot, but the vast majority are not and need preventive treatment.

If you don't want to do all that spraying, which I can understand since many people don't, then you will need to buy roses that are blackspot resistant. Clearly that isn't the case with your yellow mini. I'm sorry to have to tell you that, but you might as well know the truth from the start.

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The thitles are perhaps just seed dropings from birds, I sence your seeing a few English Sparrows as of latly if so someone is on a bird feeding frenzy.

The mini rose it's self might die if you where to use a weed killer in such a close area. A hydrangea and a mini rose arn't really the best compatable plantings, good luck to you on that.

If me I'd just move the rose to a new garden home root split them if you want and let them re-establish in a good rose prepared garden soil during the rest of the season.

They should re estabish well enough for you to notice then you can step it up on the rose food for feeding.
Black Spot and other diseases have there own bible ,I am no preacher so what ever works for you works. Altho you might want to read up on rose diseases and prevention measures, there are several methods and products people do use for this, some are effective to some degree some are not as effective. As it is even said by some thou out the forum..... " Buy disease resistant roses." I find this responce to be just to darn generic for me to agree with.

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