Bought a compost tumber, then bought a second.

Celestron2000April 30, 2012

I've never had one of these before, but in the past when I tried to start an outdoor compost pile I've been really frustrated by how quickly it dried out in our dry climate. Someone suggested to me covering it with a tarp, but honestly our backyard is quite small and there's not lots of room for big, messy compost piles.

I looked into tumblers a couple of years ago and was frustrated by how expensive they were. I have since been happily worm composting in my basement, which is good for kitchen scraps and the all too regular left-in-the-frige-too-long produce, but just doesn't have the capacity to also take garden waste.

So I was at Lowes the other day picking up trellises and what do I spy, but a lovely compost tumbler for 98$! This is like half of what they go for even on Amazon. Assembling it was a major PITA, but would you believe I've already filled it up in less than a week.

I went back and bought a second so that I can have one that�s cooking and one that I'm building at all times.

I'm excited in a way which my DH couldn't possibly understand, but I know the GW community can. Also, now that I have my two, I wanted to let you all know about the deal.

It's a nice quality plastic barrel suspended on a steel frame. I got mine at the Loews on Havana and have no idea if they're also at other stores. BTW if you have arthritic fingers you may need someone else to help you assemble...


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Ah yes, compost tumblers! Congratulations on your new acquisitions! I also have two, and find that the materials will dry out here, too, but not as quickly. It is nice to have one where you're adding fresh while the other one is "finishing." Anyway, it's easy enough to dump a bit of water in there every once in a while if you find that they get too dry. A word of caution, if I may: the tumblers don't get as "hot" in my experience as regular compost piles, and so don't always kill seeds. Just be careful of what you put in there, weed-wise and otherwise. I had a bazillion tomatillo plants coming up everywhere when we tossed in the ones that got bitten by the frost a few years ago, and made me so glad that I never put my weeds in there. GW horror movie: Lovely rich compost laden with bindweed seeds. AAAHHHH!!! RUN!!!

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Thanks for the warning. ( :

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