Unruly Mini

agibson(8-9 Texas)May 11, 2007

I have this unruly mini that roots wherever a cane touches the ground. It was sold to me as "an old fashioned cascading rose" and I think it exactly matches the rose and description shown here: http://ecolage.safeshopper.com/59/1205.htm?868.

I am about to dig up the "mother" plant, put it in a pot and spray the rest of them with Roundup, unless someone here wants one just for postage.

Since I know next to nothing about roses, maybe someone here would suggest a pot size, something to use for a trellis and make some suggestions for pruning?

I'd be thankful for any guidance you could give.

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That is a really pretty rose. Does it by any chance have a scent?

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If the rose you are having problems with is red cascade I would think you could prune it back a little more if it does what you say. I have one and it does tend to grow a bit wild but that's what pruning shears are for. I can't understand why the rose on the site you listed should be 40 dollars. They are avalaible from nor east and Antique Rose Emp. for a lot less. I got mine from ARE 8 weeks ago and have cut over two dozen blooms. I think a 3 to 5 gal. pot would be good to pot it in. They seem to make very good hanging baskets too but that would require lots of watering.

They make great sprays of cut roses in small vases.

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agibson(8-9 Texas)

Yup! That's her! Mine is in full bloom and she is beautiful. I was just so excited to have found an exact matching description that I didn't notice the price. Ouch, it is high, I paid $6.95 for it at a local nursery a few years ago.
I hadn't thought of a hanging basket, I will give it a try with one of the babies. It's a pity that she has little or no fragrance.
Thanks very much for the advice!

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