Got the fever

laveringNovember 4, 2012

Hi everyone

Just joined the Forum and just started with my collection of Plumeria as well. I might have gone a little crazy this year though. So far I've collected the following


Donald Angus

Scott Pratt

Pink Pansy

Gallagher's Giant Rainbow

Irma Bryant

Nebel's Rainbow

Opera Rouge

And a couple more that I'm checking the names on. ThatâÂÂs it for this year.

I have an extra 40", 10 point Pink Pansy I'm actually getting rid of as well.

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Contests and welcome to our world. It's incurable.

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Yep, you're in it for life now! Some terrific choices you collected up there. You know it's bad when you already have duplicates to get rid of.

Welcome home!


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Phone spell check does me in again...I ment to say "Congrats"

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yes, I started with 1 in 2001 and then a few more 4 years, I have 160 and a very small yard and deck. Even planted the seeds from the pod of my 1st plant and now have 25 seedlings blooming..all with different flowers and smell and color. Once you are hooked...that's it...rox146

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hi Welcome!

I started in April and now I have over 70 plants! I had to stop coming here for a while to get a better handle on my addiction. It's so hard not to buy more! Sigh...

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Welcome lavering , to the plumeria addict forum. Lots of good people here with lots of info to help you out (and feed the addiction). Good job on your collection.

rox146 - What was the parent of your seedlings? It's nice to be surprised when they bloom. Peg

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Just got two more

Princess Daniela Pia
Purple Star

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