Frustated with plumeria e-bayer

meyermike_1micha(5)November 27, 2008

Has anyone here ordered any plumeria from e-bay? I did and payed for my plumies the very same day. That was at the end of October. here it is 4 weeks later and I still haven't recieved them. I have been asking the sellers where they are and I get no response!! Then I ask a question or keep hounding them to get back to me, they eventually do days later and tell me "Sorry for the late response" but still in mail. Is anyone else having any bad experience with getting plumeria the same way or maybe...even from the same sellers?

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I have ordered a few from BKInterplantsGarden and Succulent Park recently. 2 from each vender. They are both located in Thailand. I received both shipments in about 10-12 business days once they shipped which took about 5 days. Both deliveries produced 1 of 2 plants with some sort of tip rot. I contacted both parties and they are sending me a replacement plant. They have yet to arrive though. I think getting plants from Ebay is a cost effective way to go, as I see the same cuttings on Hawaii based sites for 2x or more. You just have to understand that these folks do not have quite the same level of quality you might get from US growers. You just have to be patient and work with them if necessary. They do seem to be helpful and cooperative for the most part. Anyway I just cut the tip off of the bad cuts and planted them anyway. When I contacted the sellers they agreed to send a replacement of different types so I will have gotten a good deal out of the whole situation.

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I have ordered quite a few on Ebay and only one was significantly delayed. Who did you order from?

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i ordered in the last month over 50 plummies from ebay...
i've had just one problem and i think it is more of a language thing...a guy in thailand...the ones i ordered from hawaii and texas a good price.. arrived in no time...and the ones from thailand are in customs right now...i think patience is needed...

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Thankyou for the encouragement. Both are from Thailand and both finally e-mailed me back and opologized for the HUGE delay. They even gave me a full refund after waiting for a month. THey both said it would be 15 days, but alot is going on with delivery there, Especially at the airport closed due to demostrations.Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks agian for the encouragement to be patient. I am pretty sure they want to make a living just as we do.

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I bought from plumerindr and absolute botany with no problems. They took some extra time to get here, so I try to buy from the states when I can. There are several nurseries here that offer the Thai varieties.

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Take a look at what I was really looking forward to geting!!!

Arn't they beautiful. If anyone here knows where I can get thse in the states, please let me know..THANKS!!!

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Most of those plumies area available in the US.
Brads Buds and Blooms and Lopaka carry a lot of the Thai Plumieras.
If your in So Cal or planning on visiting next season there are many nurseries here and sellers that have those plumies, Jungle Jack's and Upland Nursery sell Thai Plumies.
So you might want to do some research and support the local sellers, plus the local sellers have their stocks here in the US.

Good Luck man

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I've been wanting to buy some Thai variety Plumies too, but I'm afraid to take my chances with the Thai ebay sellers, shipping takes too long and expensive.
Freak4Plumeria, do you happen to have the addresses for both places? I would love to come and see what they have, that would be just heaven. Thanks so much in advance.

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I agree with Freak. Buy USA! Many of those dealers on ebay cant be trusted to deliver what they say either. By the time the plant blooms and you find out it's not what they say, they're gone. I've heard horror stories. Plus many times the pictures are fake. Brad has a very good reputation. Lopaka does also, but I dont have his webpage. Here is Brad's.

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I have ordered from Florida Colors before and they are well known:

This was another seller I have bookmarked that sells international varieties. I haven't ordered anything from there yet so I can't speak for the reputation. I believe they are also an Ebay seller but reside in San Diego.

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Thanks everyone for the sites to buy. I am actually in the process of ordering up a few, especially from Brad's. I really appreciate these links and places to go too. Thanks again for the info..I am thrilled!

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Brad's is good, and trustworthy.

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Caviat Emptour!!!!
New to eBay, and also new to Plumeria, tried to save money while feeding my new addiction I buy eBay! Here's my dilemma, In my 1st puchase, I bought a "Maui's Best Red", the stick came marked as "2 Colors Red" I email seller and was told it's the same. I could live with that since I didn't have neither one. At the same time I also purchased "Maui's LoLa Beauty".
It's been awhile since 1st purchase, my 2nd purchase followed, among my order was "Maui's Makiki Kathy" looking over my receits, and viewing them on seller listing only to find out that "Maui's Lola Beauty" was no other than "Maui's Makiki Kathy" same photo was posted!

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Hi all,

Anyone have any experience with Eyesha or her ebay shop ExoticMatahari??? She sells plumies from Malaysia. They look good and prices are very fair!

I live in Holland so buying in USA is a lot more expensive than buying from her.

And if I buy, could I buy rooted plumies???

Hope that someone can advise.

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i'm not sure i'm allowed to say this but....i purchased many plummies from anyamanee on ebay.he's out of thailand and i only had one problem which he fixed asap with a more expensive cutting and free replacement shipping..i also bought a couple from ksom..i think he doesn't know alot of english,so i was hard to have discussions with him,but all worked out well with nice cuttings.
i have made many transactions since dec.from the states to asia and have had problems and sucess with both...from florida to hawaii to thailand....
i think you just need to order small,find someone good and stick with them..
there are scammers everywhere and there are honest people in the same places......good luck
if i am not allowed to give names,let me know and i will delete...

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I have only good experience with ebay and people from Thailand.
I have bought from 3 different sellers.
One misunderstood my message what they must do because of the custom in Norway, and they was held a couple of days extra in the custom because of that.
I have also order from USA (I live in Norway, but that plumeria was in no good condition, and died from me. The web site does no longer exist, so maybe it was a seller who donÂt was serious.
I have order plants, seed and pot from ebay more than 30 times. Very often when it is seed, and plant itÂs from Thailand, just two time I havenÂt get what I have order. One from Thailand and one from USA.
But Pay Pal gives back the money to me.
Sorry my English is not very good either ;-)

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You might be satisfied with the transactions, but do you know you're actually getting what's advertised? By the time the blooms show, most of these sellers will be gone, or change names. One of the ebay sellers mentioned above, sells all kinds of varieties (none I've ever heard of btw) only to find out they're just Celadines when they bloom.
Seedlings are a different story. I guess they make up names as they're not true to the parent anyway, but they shouldn't be expensive IMHO

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snotta...your english is very good..never say sorry for trying...
so love..just because you've never heard of some names,does that mean they are made up or don't exist???
and i have purchased plummies from american dealers who seem to have vanished after the deal..
and how am i to know if they are what i purchased???
anything on ebay is a crapshoot..
like i said..find someone and order small..if you're happy,then continue to buy from them...
happy growing

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This place in San Diego (?) was using a picture of Jack Morgan's (Kimi's Plumera) green house on their web site !! Jack emailed them .. uh ohh. Soooooo that makes me wonder if they're on the "up & up" ??? I question their honesty and integrity.


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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, Cali, Now you've got me wondering about plumeria paradise! They have a plumeria called white lavender splash. It's awesome, but if there's no such thing, I'm not dropping $50.00 for a grafted one. I've also bought seeds from them on ebay. Two batches of seeds grew, and 3 or 4 batches didn't even try to sprout. There was 6 I was planning on buying from them, but, like you, if they'll cheat using Jack's pictures, they'll cheat me also. Thanks for the heads up! Crafty

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Cali, like Crafty I saw some really beautiful varieties that they have for sale there and actually bought two cuttings from them. The cuttings came just about 12" long and I'm in the process of rooting them. But if they aren't honest about posting their pix, then I guess they are one of the many many scammers that we have the misfortune of running into. It really sucked, how we find so many ppl just out to make a quick buck at the expenses of others.
Well all I can do now is wait for them to root and see if they'll bloom true to what were advertised. Thanks Cali for the heads up.


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

I head that supposedly Plumeria Paradise and an ebay seller cuckooznest were the same person, but if anyone can clarify this it would be appreciated. There was some kind of controversy regarding "cuckooznest" legitimacy couple of years ago This seller originally was selling seeds only, but we all know it is hard to prove parentage with plumie seeds as most of the time they do not look anything like the parent plants.
Cuckooznest is now selling cuttings also as of last season.
I am waiting to see if the cuttings he sold people bloom true or not, but since it it can take 2 or 3 seasons for a cutting to send out an inflo it might be a bit.

If both sellers are proven to be the same person than I personally would question the authenticity of their plumies.
Also if you look at cuckooznest auctions he always uses pictures he gets from the internet. Usually if a person is selling seeds or plants you would think they would have their own pictures from their own blooming plants.

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Most of my plants I have ordered have been from Maui Gardens and Florida Colors. Always quality plants. On ebay have only ordered from Hawaii Sandy, win if I am lucky.

Ordered on ebay from a couple others, but have not been pleased with what I got.. So stick with the three mentioned.
Karen B

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Karen, youre right. Those are reliable, honest sellers. Also Brad and Matt sell on Ebay are are great too. You get what you order from these folks. I have approx. 75-85 different varieties at this time and have bought them all from the mentioned sellers (with the exception of Sandy-havent bought from her yet). Never once have I received something other than what was ordered.
Diggy, just because I havent heard of them doesnt necessarily mean they dont exist. I just prefer to spend my money on plants with registered names, from reputable sellers, not some hogwash that some backyard hokey made up. If I pay $50 for a plant, I don't want a Celadine, I want the plant I paid for. I don't have money to throw away.

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I hadn't heard that Plumeria Paradise was using another person's photos. That's a shame. And yes, I have them listed as cuckooznest but I don't remember how I made the connection.

I guess it is just up to the buyer if they want to risk an unknown seller or not, be it Ebay or otherwise.

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, all, Plumeria Paradise and cuckooznest is one and the same. They have their website listed on ebay. That's how I found the website. As for hawaiisandy, she's great! The cuttings are always nice and fat, and above all really healthy. I have many of her cuttings, and I've only been disappointed once when a cutting didn't survive. She hasn't been giving any freebies though, which I hope she does some day, because a lot of her cuttings go for really high prices. She has also started another ebay name and is selling seeds there. I think it's hawaiisandyseeds. I've heard that she will start listing cuttings sometime this month. I've been checking almost daily. lol Can't wait for the growing season to kick in! Crafty

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Hi all,
some years ago when I was newbie on plumeria growing I received some seeds from auctions of cuckooznest seller.
Most of them was dehydrated and without wings and of course does n't sprouted.

I disappointed from this seller, because I have informe him before, that I was a newbie on plumeria growing and asking him to help me by selling me fresh seeds, unfortunally he did n't respected a newbie on plumeria hobbyist and also he did n't respect the highest price payed for those seeds (1$ of each seed).

Yes, Plumeria Paradise and ebay seller cuckooznest is the same person.

from Athens-Greece

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Martina, i have bought from ExoticMatahari last year,i bought a few from her,one didnt make it, and she sent me a replacement with 3 tips which is going to bloom any day now in my house!i will definately get from her again,and i have also bought plumerindr~very happy,and also anyamanee,and will buy from all again,although i bought late in the season so havent seen any blooms yet apart from my soon to be penang peach!I would love some hawaiian babies though,,Does anyone know if Hawaii Sandy posts to Europe, i would love one of hers!How much average do one of hers go for anyways??? oh AND p.s TO JOHN aka GREEK man i wanted to say i found your recipe for spider mite removal with garlic and olive oil and such and i have to say it is the only thing that has worked! i have used strong pesticides from the gardner store and they still come back so im quite pleased with your remedy!me and my plummies thank u kindly***

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I forgot this thread!

I never got my plumies from any of the two plumerias dealers as promised.

But I will say that after 3 months of e-mailing, still no plumies. But they were kind enough to refund my money to paypal, and opologize many times over for my disappointment.

Oh well, worst things could happen, like the devastation of the ones I already have to spidermites! I think I last counted 16 in the only two widows I own with full

They told me all their shipments were held up in customs.

I even told them I understood, which in turn motivated one of them to promise me a free one, once they can ship out with no problems. We'll see.

I have too many anyway, I guess it was for the best..;-)

I wonder if the spidermites overseas are any different than ours over here?????
If olive oil and lemon work, then we have all been in the dark about killing ours!!

Where is that recipe?

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Don't remember name. but doesn't Emerson? sell? Don't know his username. suppose to be super. Wish I could remember the other good seller.. I think its important to tell the good sellers on here and if problems..share that too. Helps us all.

Yes, Hawaii Sandy is one of the best, but as stated whew..can be pricy. I have only one one of hers, took a long time to leaf out, but did, sent a triple branch one.

As said. I spent a lot of money last summer and fall trying to get a lot of color in my plumie garden, thanks to Bill and Freaks suggestions. Bought lots of cuttings and rooted from MG and grafted from FC.. So anxious this summer to see them grow!!! I now have paypal,..ha am dangerous. I too cannot afford to get bad plants, so must be choosy.

Karen B

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Hi sunnygreece,
I am so glad because another hobbyist from Greece dealing with plumeria growing.

I would be happy to inform me about Exotic Matahari e mail adress.

And a p.s to all friends of present forum, when you reffer to a reliable plumeria grower eg MG, FC etc reffer please their full name and email adress, so that members in foreign countries (like me) to have the opportunity to contact them, thanks.

Finally, I shall be very glad to contact with plumeria lovers from Greece at the following email, for informations exchange on plumerias.

from Athens-Greece

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Hi John,
Sorry about that.. MG is Maui Gardens, in Maui, Hawaii. FC is Forida Colors in Florida. If you can google those, names will come up, Maui Gardens as plants, cuttings. etc. . If you can't google, happy to get the website address. When you order a cutting from Maui Gardens, Owner Jennifer always sends a free one, thats great. I always drop her a thank you e-mail.
Florida Colors is known for grafted plants rooted. Those are the ones I buy. You can get cuttings, but for a little more money feel the grafted are better buys. All ready rooted year old..ready to grow.

Karen B

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Hi John, if you go to EBAY.CO.UK and put in plumeria cutting you will see all of hers as she is the only seller from Malaysia.i think most of hers are rooted cuttings,i have a few from, plumerindr which sells grafted cuttings and some interesting variegated varieties,if he doesent have any listed he should soon,i thought his were sent the quickest and the most professional,he knows his business.And anyamanee_p has an ebay shop name is Succulent Park ,i received all mine last year and yet to bloom so cant say if they are true but like i said they all were healthy cuttings!i actually have 2 just now growing leaves and stayed dormant the whole winter which i was worried about but know are fine,i think because one was an obtusa the other Emperor they took longer?Anyways just go to ebay and go advance search ,on the left there is find a member, and you can find the other 2 .Thanks again for the recipe and will keep in touch for possible future exchange.I hope im allowed to add all that info about names??and meyermike_1micha ,it was a thread called spider mites?cold burns?i got Johns recipe from,i saved and copied the info for you that he wrote~

A)In a cup cut in small pieces 3 cloves of garlic and add 2 table spoons olive oil or (is better) machine car oil -cover the cup and leave it for 24 hours.
After 24 hours strain the solution in your sprayer bottle - add 2 table spoon of dish soap and 2/3 of a galon water (not cold if it is winter), shake well the bottle and spray both sides of your plumeria leaves (early morning before the sun is on the top of your plants)spray also lightly the top of the soil.

Repeat the same formula after 10 days for the new generation from eggs mites.

Next day of using the above mentioned formula, clean the leaves of your plants by spraying them with water.

Also is very important to Sow in each pot 1-2 garlic cloves, the plant of garlic keeps away any dangerous insect from your plants.

B. Add 1 teaspoon of dog shampoo with pyrethrin with 1/3 gallon of water in your sprayer bottle and spray the leaves of your plumerias on both sides, it kill all the mites.

C.A home remedy fungicide :
1 part of fresh full milk (not for slim) with 9 parts of water in your sprayer bottle and spray the leaves.
That is a fungicide formula and also shine the leaves of your plants.

D. a home remedy for maggot - worms in your pot soil :
throw on the top of the soil of each pot 1 table spoon hot mustard in powder and water your pot, OR if you have ready to use hot mustard add 1 table spoon in 1/3 gallon of water and water your pot.

E.For Ants :
Add in a 1/3 of gallon of water 1 table spoon vinegar and water your pot.
Vinegar also has very useful trace elements for the plants and also reduce the soil PH.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Good deals and quality from:
Sandy Hawaii
Maui plumeria gardens
Brad's buds and blooms
Florida Colors
Aloha plumerias
Dole plantation

problems with:

good on site purchases in Calif,: Kimis, and see above Nov 29

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many thanks Karen B, sunnygreece ,Bill and all of you for your great informations, I will pass those informations to Greek plumeria lovers interesting about cuttings.

Hi meyermike_1micha, of course are many species of spidermites all over the world, the remedy of oil+Garlic+Dish soap dehydrate the body of those and others small insects.
Is very important to repeat the mentioned remedy after 7-10 days (to prevent new generations from eggs)and if the population of spidermites is high a third time needed to spray, also is important to start from early spring.
You can test it only to a potted plumeria, to see the results and after to all your plumerias.
If you need any farther information, contact me please at my email adress, I shall be glad to help.


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Good list Bill! Totally agree with the "problem" list too! Question, doesnt Dole Plantation buy from Sandy? Thought I've read that somewhere.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

lovefrangis- yes in a way. Dole carries a number of plants from Jim Little who is the father in law to Sandy. Jim is one of the top growers in the world and has a wonderful collection of beautiful plants on Oahu. Dole has not carried the top of the line J.L. but rather the old favorites. Sandy sells Jim's best. Dole, I believe, is currently re working its online store site. Bill

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(¯`'Â.¸(¯`'Â.¸WOW a lot of useful info here!!¸.Â'´¯)¸.Â'´¯)

JOHN and SUNNYGREECE I will surely try to extinguish my Dutch spider mites with your potion!!

One important question (for me that is...) I have left;
--> is it wise to buy ROOTED plumeria?? How long can they survive in a box while underway???

Please help me, I am kindof new to getting cuttings rooted so I am a bit worried about the tougher red ones!! Which is why I am considering to buy rooted aswell as unrooted....

Thank you for any advice.

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just a note to say thx for the tips bill

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Cambodia- Here is a good general comment. When you buy a cutting, if from a good source, the cutting is about a foot and a half long and an inch to one and a half inches in diameter. A grafted cutting is usually smaller in diameter because greener cuttings are easier to graft. The main idea is that a grafted plant is on an established root system often from a seedling which has a better root system than a cutting. This plant is ready to grow and often flowers the first year because it has already been on the grafted roots for a year. If you are a good rooter, the cutting will be a bigger base and plant than the grafted plant but you will take a year to get to the same growth level as the grafted plant was when you started. On the down side, some grafts grow at different rates than the root stock so you can get a big base with a smaller upper stem growing out of the graft. You can also buy already rooted plants that are a year old and are not grafted. Florida Colors and Buds bud and bloom are good grafters. Maui plumeria gardens have good rooted plants. I tend to buy grafted for hard to start or very rare, rooted for those I can find and cuttings for anything else. If you are paying $15 for a cutting but can get it rooted for $30, how much is a year worth- I would pay the extra to get a year up on the plant. For cutting to grafted I ask how hard is this to start and is a thinner plant ok for me. It is a personal choice, but I have many of each kind. I have rarely lost a grafted plant or rooted plant the first year so getting going is better. After a few years, it is a matter of taste as some do not like to look at a graft. Some grafts are almost perfect and some are miss matched. Hope this gives you an idea of my thoughts. Bill

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Bill, thank you very much for this brainstorm. These wise words sound very logical, but... are new thoughts to me, so I will surely turn them to my advantage.

Still makes me wonder however :(
how long can a grafted or rooted cutting survive in box whilst being sent from say Malaysia or Thailand to Holland??????
It may be underway for up to two weeks.... will it still be okay?

I can't wait to buy some new plumies....!!! Warmer weather [relatively that is... har har] is about to come to Holland and my heating mats are waiting............... LOL

So please help me make my decision????

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I am not sure of this one. I would think a dormant plant would not have much damage if the roots were kept damp. I get plants from Florida to California in 2-3 days but I do not buy directly from the far east. Perhaps Karyn has some information as her husband has had plants shipped from the thailand to Maryland. I really do not know how long a rooted plant would travel. Sorry. Bill

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Hi Cambodia,
I agree with Bill.

A rooted or an unrooted cutting will survive according the following preconditions :

1. Season
a rooted cutting in dormancy (if the roots were kept damp as Bill says) will survive 4-5 weeks till the packing soil dry out,
so is a question of packing, also for an unrooted cutting the most important is packing.
Between rooted and unrooted cutting, for an unexperienced hobbyist I can say that he must prefer rooted, unrooted cutting among that needs a year longer, experience is needed.
2.Country of origin.
Between Malaysia and Thailand, I will prefer Thailand ( see feedback on eBay specially from European buyers).
3.Experience and honesty of the seller.
Is the most important for us (hobbyists), so we must to follow the experience of members of present forum when they inform us about reliable sellers according their experience in fact (personally I thanks those members), otherwise we will loose more much money till to learn who seller is reliable and who is not.

best regards
from Athens-Greece

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currently looking for seeds n came across place in San Diego.
THE WARNING about the seeds is they are listing the siam seeds variety using the old pictures/
Siam seeds is out of business
so they are selling old seeds or mixed seeds or whatever
as if they had those varieties growing & took seeds from them then why not take a picture of there blooms.
They also have so manyh pics that are from pictures posted online & old pictures at that.

With seeds you really have to trsut as you never know what they are sending.

    Bookmark   October 22, 2010 at 10:54PM
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