Yellow leaf frustration.....

gardenlady76(TX coast/9)May 23, 2012

I am driving myself crazy over the yellowing leaves on my miniatures. Some are two years old and others are new this spring.

The leaves continue to get black spot, and yellow leaves even tho I have treated all of them with Bayer's three products. Bayer's II for Roses and other plants, Bayer's III for Roses, and Bayer's Rose Disease Control. I have sprayed and I have also drenched and I am still not curing the disease. I am ready to toss all of them (16 miniatures) and move on to something else. Any suggestions outside of burning the whole darn bunch????

They are not "store" bought, I bought them from a very reliable nursery. My regular sized roses are doing just fine with only a few dropped older leaves.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

You only need one product, a fungicide only, not the combination products. I recommend Bayer Advanced Disease Control for Roses, Flowers, and Shrubs. Next, it takes time to stop an active breakout of blackspot. One application won't do it. The Bayer fungicide will halt and active breakout, but then the plant needs regular treatment to prevent additional blackspot. Leaves already affected will turn yellow, the products will not reverse the effects. If you keep on a regular treatment schedule, making sure to water the plants deeply prior to applying the fungicides, your blackspot issue should clear up in a month or so (it does take time).

The conbination Bayer products can take 6 or more weeks to become effective, in which time blackspot will take hold of the plants, that is one reason why I don't recommend their use. Applying the fungicide-only product (Disease Control) via spray application on a regular (10 - 14 day) schedule, should be enough to solve your issues.

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Fungicides are like buying insurance you get it before something happens. That is true for fungicide use. As soon as the first leaves come out in the spring there should be a coating of fungicide on it. Then every two weeks, or what the label says for the product you use. Then you will have clean foliage all year.

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