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ciararaineMay 14, 2009

I received a lovely plant for Mother's Day. I am puzzled as to keeping it inside, carrying it outside, or planting it outside. It gets quite hot and sunny here, then there is hurricane season. How much sunlight is too much? How much rain is too much? My last tomato plants burned up in the sun; I planted them in a raised bed near a tree. Indoors does get plenty of sun, as I have 26 windows in the old trailer, lol.

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You should plant it outside. Roses are sun-loving plants and really need to be outside. You can plant it in a large container outside if you will be sure to water it every day. Most rose growers plant them in the ground. Don't plant it too close to a tree or the tree roots will compete for the fertilizer and water and the tree will win. If you make sure you have good drainage, you don't have to worry about it getting too much water. Roses like plenty of moisture, but don't like to stand in it. Give it a go. The PatioHit roses are, for the most part, tough little roses that should do well for you.

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