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kitzj0(z6OH)May 30, 2005

I just bought a few Kordana roses from Walmart. I would like to know how hardy they are? Will they survive the winter in zone 5/6? I saw on the tag (in French/German) something about 22oC and was hoping that it didn't mean hardy down to 22oC.

Also, how big do they get?


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desertratrose(z9 AZ-PHX)

I can't help you with the hardiness question, but I've seen the 'grocery store minis' be anything from 1'x1' to 3'x3' and there is little to no way to tell you which you have as the exact varieties are rarely if ever specified.

I hope someone else can answer the hardiness question for you or at least chime in and give you some good 'winterizing tips'.


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lacytv(Zone6 IN)

French from the tag translates as:
"Interior: Put in a mostly sunny place. Keep the soil moist all the time. These roses live well at 22 degrees Celsuis.
Exterior: Plant in good soil and put in a sunny spot. Each year, in the spring, prune down to 3 or 4 inches above the soil surface. **These roses bloom conitnually in the summer and survive the winter in most of the regions of Canada.** Propogation prohibited."

From the Kordana website:
"Kordana® pot roses do not need a lot of care or attention. If you do it right, you will enjoy your roses for
a long time.
Kordana® potroses do not do well in temperatures that are too high for them, so avoid placing them in direct sunlight during the summer months. Placing the roses in a cool spot with plenty of light will help the flowers last longer and buds will be able to develop for full flowering.
Kordana® potroses do not do well if they dry out. Be sure to water your potrose at the base every day in the summer and every 2- 3 days in the winter. Add fertilizer to the water once a week in summer and once every 15 days in winter, clip off dry foliage and withered flowers.
Again like new!
After the rose has finished flowering, cut the plant back up to 5 cm above the soil. It will reflower within 6 weeks under the right conditions. A bigger pot and new soil will help for healthy growing."

These roses are grown in Canada, so I'm going to take a chance on leaving them out in Zone 6 this winter. My plant is closing in on 2 feet tall and has really spread out. I'm hoping that is about as tall as it will get.

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My husband bought me some kordana roses for valentines day, they were so beautiful when he brought them home, but now, I want to throw them away, they are all withering up and dying, the soil is moist and I don't see any bugs, could you tell me what I am doing wrong, its in moderate sunlight, and the temp in the house is about 71/21 I don't know what else to do other then toss them out...please help

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Not enough sunlight ("Moderate" is not enough, they need full sun) and not enough humidity. Roses are not indoor plants they want to be planted outdoors. See the thread "how to save a potted gift rose" for help in saving them.

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I bought this rose for my son's memorial garden and if it dies a part of me will die too. Please help me. Should I take it out of the pot and plant it in the garden? Someone said something about getting a bigger pot. It is in a cool place in the yard but gets sun during the morning and early afternoon hours. If I keep it moist will this plant do well?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Where do you live? We need to know in order to make a good recommendation on care.

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Yes, do plant it in the garden. Roses are outdoor plants and do much better planted in the ground.

As Diane said, we can give you more help if we know roughly where you live so we know the climate and weather conditions.

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seil zone 6b MI

Plant it! It will do much better for you.

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i planted one last year in my garden and its okay this spring it has lots of leaves on it and is nice and big but i havenot pruned it yet should i do it now

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I planted some of these roses out a few years ago and they are doing great! They are about 2-2 1/2 feet tall and bloom like crazy, i have tried several apots and they prefer well drained soil in the sun, they don't like to be too dry, i surround them with smaller plants at the base as they seem to do better with some protection during the winter. I haven't needed to prune them as the bunnies have been taking care of that for me each year... they even got my new japanese maple (not impressed!!) Hope this helps!

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@ violet, what plants did you put with the kordanas?

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seil zone 6b MI

They are roses. They need all the same things any size rose needs. At least 6 hours of full sun, 8 would be better, well draining soil, regular watering and some fertilizer once in a while. And there is a misconception that "mini" roses means they will stay very small plants. This is NOT true. "Mini" rose only describes the size of the leaves and the blooms, not the size of the plant. There are mini climbers that can get 12 feet tall!

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