How ripe to save seeds?

2ajsmamaSeptember 23, 2011

How ripe does a pepper need to be to save seeds? I've got one with chile freak's name on it, a little afraid of leaving it on the plant too long. Not only was there a squirrel checking it out one AM, but it's been pretty rainy here and I don't want it to rot! If it does, I've got others less ripe but who knows when the rain will let up.

So when is the perfect time to pick for seeds, and can we eat the pepper and just leave the seeds to dry on a paper towel on a cake rack to save? How can you tell when they're dry enough to package?

BTW, thanks again Bill (ottawapepper) for the seeds - sent you an email about storage.


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If it's changed to final color, you should be good to go.

I've just used the pepper and spread the seeds out on a paper plate to dry and had success. Nothing special. I'm not an expert - how dry??? I just left them out for a week or so then put them in an envelop / baggie.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I have saved seeds from different green peppers and none germinated.

I wait for the color change as well, since it's quite disappointing to have zero germination in the spring.

I slice the pepper, let the seeds fall onto a paper plate, then eat the pepper! Here, it takes only a few days for the seeds/pith to be dry.

If you are concerned about moisture, add some rice kernels to the baggie and/or store in a paper envie.

I then store in the fridge.

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Thanks - it's been red for a couple weeks now, pod isn't shriveled yet but dark red and not as plump as the others. Wasn't sure if I needed to let it dry on the plant.

Squirrel (or something) was digging in the pot! I had 2 Hinkelhatz plants on 1 end of porch hoping to get some isolation (Thai on other end), this one was dug up and the other has what looks like little turds (pardon my language) on it so I don't know if I'll be able to overwinter them or not. I took the dug-up one (still standing, just top of root ball exposed) into the garage and added potting soil/compost mix.

May be a ? for another thread, but wondering if I can overwinter the other one if you're supposed to chop it down to a stump (no leaves?) and repot into a smaller pot. Don't want to bring slugs or whatever they are into the house!


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It's always best to save seeds from the biggest and ripest fruits. I've been putting my seeds on a paper plate as well, this way you can write the name of the plants right on the plate. It only takes a few days to dry them out, but it never hurts to wait a couple of weeks just to be sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out PEPPERMEISTER's Just the Tip: Seed Savers Edition for more info

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Sort of a waste of paper! Hopefully you guys reuse the plates at least, oh lord I have become a hippie.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I DO reuse the plates!!

Until there is so much gunk on them, then they get tossed into the compost.

I use them for drying fermented tomato seeds as well.

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