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aseedisapromiseMay 31, 2013

I recently moved across town, and I wanted to plant some of the same plants I had at my old house at the new. One that I had in mind was a mini rose that I bought online from a place that specialized in minis for colder areas, but the seller no longer sells except wholesale. This was really disappointing to me as they were really explicit about all the features of their different roses, and their packaging and all was top notch. Four years ago one of the local greenhouses had some minis, but this year they have Knock outs. Any ideas of a good place where I can get some hardy minis?

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seil zone 6b MI

A couple of good online sources are Heirloom Roses, whose carring the minis from John's Miniature Roses, and Burlington Roses. I'm sure there are others but those came to mind first.

I'm lucky in that I have ONE local nursery that always has a small selection of minis. Unfortunately they seem to get the same ones every year.

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Well, after posting I did some poking around and found the Heirloom roses site, and I learned a a bunch from looking at posts on this forum and realize that I think I'll do some more research before I buy. I think I want to be sure exactly what I want the rose to do and if the one I get will actually do what I am hoping. Thanks for your suggestions, though, and for all your posts and info.

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this is an old post but I have to back Seil up on Burlington Roses. She, Burling, worked closely for years with Mr. Moore who was called the Father of mini roses and hybridized countless roses for all areas. Own root roses may die to the ground in cold areas if not protected and even if protected but given the chance and water, will come back.

I've been to her nursery numerous times and her plants and nursery are very clean and guaranteed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ralph Moore

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One good way to find out about winter hardiness is to see where the rose was hyberdized. George Mander (Canada) has some great mini's. I grow some of his mini's and they bloom like crazy. Check into them.

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Two Sisters roses is a good online site to get nice plants.
Kathy will take care of you!

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ForLoveOfRoses. I received my first order yesterday. HUGE plants in great shape. Nothing in little dinky starter pots.

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This is old thread. We got some from Kroger. They came with 4" pot. We removed our seasonal ones in the front and planted 7 miniature ones. Not sure quality of kroger ones.

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Anything that comes from Kroger and Walmart are not the same kind of minis that these other Nursery's that, have been named, carry!

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