Zicam nasal products pulled off the market by FDA

monica_pa(7)June 16, 2009

Zicam nasal products pulled off the market, store shelves, by FDA.

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Used it once can't prove it was connected to the migraine I got 20 minutes after using it. The pharmacy I go to sells it but has always been negative about it.

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And recently, Paxil was connected to children born with heart problems...

None of this is very surprising... this is what our country has come to... greed and more greed.

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I have used Zicam for YEARS with no loss of smell. It has prevented me from getting numerous colds. I am disappointed to hear this.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Their products have been effective for me although not so much for DH. Why are they being pulled? It was great being able to breathe without smelling like a bar. Sleepless

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Zicam is a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh's radio show. According to Limbaugh, nobody has ever successfully sued Zicam for loss of smell. Apparently, the liberal controlled FDA now has a lower standard of proof than the legal system's "preponderance of evidence."

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We had planned a vacation and were very nervous about getting a cold or a flu ('twas the season) due to being in crowds so we got our flu shot and started using Zicam about a week before we left and then continued it for another week and a half.

We didn't get the flu and we didn't get a cold. But, my husband did have a terrible time with his gall bladder and within three days of our return it was removed. Do they have anything out there which will prevent or reduce a gall bladder attack? ;)

Just because we didn't get a cold didn't really prove a single thing. We have had "cold symptoms" and used Zicam and felt better mentally because we were pro active but I can't honestly say that it did a single bit of good or shortened it a bit - or that it had been a cold in the first place.

I won't really miss it - I did like the feeling that I could "do something" if I felt a cold coming on, but I guess a glass of orange juice could also make me feel mentally better also - even though I don't like juice.

We do like to play doctor upon ourselves, don't we.

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Monica, do you have a link? I am curious as to the exact reason.

I believe the zinc gluconate does inhibit the sense of smell, at least for awhile. I've been using it for about three years now, and have noticed that when I use it frequently, my sense of smell does seem to deteriorate. The best test of that came when I went into a perfume outlet and was unable to smell any of the fragrances. It seems to gradually return if I stop using it, though.

I used to get horrendous colds which would always end with secondary infections. When I discovered Zicam about three years ago, I began using it preventively--anytime I had been in a setting where anyone coughed or sneezed, I would use it before retiring that night. As a result, I have not had any colds during the last three years. I did have a viral bronchitis last year, but no colds. I, too, hoped to use Zicam as a possible protection against swine flu.

They'd better have a good reason for taking it off of the market--and I don't think the loss of sense of smell is enough.


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I believe Zicam has another product that goes under your tongue. I have used it for years also. And colds are shorter
with it for me. I imagine the cold remedy companies would
love to see it off the shelves. Colds limit sense of smell
also. I hope it is still going to be sold in some form.


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The only thing I take is echinacea, which helps boost my immune system, making me less susceptible to colds and flu. I've been taking it for several years, and I've noticed a vast difference. I used to get sick quite often, but not any longer.

My son, the pharmacist, recommended that I take the echinacea... especially since I have an immune system deficiency.

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I believe it was 5(?) years ago this first was mentioned.Big money prevailed.

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They'd better have a good reason for taking it off of the market--and I don't think the loss of sense of smell is enough.

Well, the FDA does consider the loss of the sense of smell to be dangerous....not being able to smell smoke if your house is on fire, or smell a gas leak...I guess we don't realize how important the sense of smell really is.

It was all over the news yesterday. I heard it first on CNBC.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zicam recall

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Not to mention, no sense of smell = not being able to fully taste food. People that have anosia (usually from brain injuries, strokes) would beg to differ with those who think it's a paltry complaint.

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Any thing like Zicam that you put up your nose can damage the receptors/lining of the nose. This is why I have always refused any medicene given in the nose. I lost my sense of smell for about 10 years from unknow causes so I can attest that not being able to smell effects your taste and your social life.

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