Where can I get Orange Twist?

chic3721May 17, 2009

Mine died early this spring. I got it from Uncommon Roses three years ago, now I don't know where to look for a replacement. I really love this Micromini, please help!

Here's a picture from last summer,

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Nevermind, just found it at Ralph Moore's. Silly me!

Anyone love this rose also? I tried a lot of miniatures and ended up with only three, Sweet Chariot, Green Ice, and this one. This is the only true miniature, the other two are more like a shrub with mini flowers to me.

This mini is quite healthy, vigorous and floriferous comparing to other minis. Its lovely little blooms stay a rosette shape, without the look of the loosely opened shape with showing stamens. Color from bright cheerful orange fading to a still colorful coral. The occasional vegetable center only adds loveliness to it. Its spring flush lasts a long time, overlapping with the 2nd flush. Its mass amount of tiny leaves stay green and healthy until late August.

I don't understand why this mini isn't more mentioned. Too small? I think it's just perfect for the patio table.

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Ummm.....you do realize that Ralph Moore's Sequoia Nursery has been closed for more than a year now, right? The nursery packed up and no longer has plants to sell. You can contact Nor'East Mini Roses and inquire whether they plan on adding it to their catalog. They are the ones who acquired the Moore collection when Sequoia closed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nor'East

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You also might try a different fertilizer, I've found that Mr. Moore's roses don't like certain ones and produce those vegetative centers when they don't.

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I totally understand where you are coming from. I am having the same panic with yellow bantam, the most adorable rose I have ever seen. It and some other died 2 ears ago in our move. Now that I have gone back to replace some of my favorite roses. My 2 favorite rose shops closed, (uncommon and sequoia). Good luck with finding it, you make me want it now.


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