Recent pic of my plummie

butterfly4uNovember 30, 2012

About a month ago I posted a pic of my plummie that
I didn't know if it was a bloom or not.
Well, it is a bloom. I can't wait til it opens.
It already smells sweet in the room.
It was marked hybrid, that is all, I got it from a local nursery. it isn't a cutting, it must be from seed.

I have never seen a plumeria bloom in person before.
I am excited about this one.
My other plummie is sleeping for the winter, but this one
looks like it has other plans. LOL.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


There is nothing like your first!!!

She is a beauty!!!

Enjoy... SHe looks very healthy too!

Great job!!!


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Here she goes, starting to open.
Thanks Laura, you are right, nothing like your first!

She isn't open yet, just geting there.
Iim surprised how good it smells.

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How exciting! That was a leap of faith on your part to buy two plumerias without having seen one in person before. Isn't the smell amazing? Very happy for you to be able to enjoy blooms! Looks like three nice new tips forming, too.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Congratulations, butterfly!
That's awesome that it smells so good. Can you describe the scent? Citrus, coconut, peach, etc?
I know what you mean about some plumies wanting to go dormant and some refusing! I've got one inside under lights blooming (Phet Pachara) and 4 under lights in the basement. My Dwarf Deciduous White in the basement under the lights has a tiny inflo developing. Who knows when it might bloom!
The rest of my plumies I cut the leaves off to force them into dormancy...of course this recent warm spell has no doubt confused our trees! :)


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It smells coconuty.
Sweet coconuty.
It opened. See pic

OK. Now I absolutely love them!
i hope the rest of the future buds bloom!
i won't have a depressing winter if they do!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

That's a gorgeous bloom! Love the yellow center. I also love coconut scents. They're so unusual and exotic smelling.
You'd better be careful since it's a slippery slope with plumies...before you know it you'll have 11 like me! Laugh.
I have one that's just about done blooming. I keep it growing under lights inside 24/7 when it's cold outside. Mine has continued to bloom this way.
Just an idea if it gets too cold or the days aren't long enough where you are to keep yours blooming. :)


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Beautiful butterfly4u! If you were not addicted before you will be now that you've smelled them. Good Job. Peg

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