Names of Lavender climbing miniatures..

bojo96(z5 IL)May 5, 2005

HI..I've been trying to identify this rose I found at the house we bought 2 years ago, and it suddenly hit me that I may have been having so much trouble because I was looking in the wrong spot. It may have something to do with the fact I've been reading about 4-6" blooms and this one only has approx. 2" blooms...anyway..small description:

5 small leaflets per leaf

SLIGHTLY curved needle like thorns

Purple buds that open into a pure lavender color

Full flowers with no stamens (at least none showing..I believe it's called fully double after my searches, but I'm new so...)

oh's about 4' tall right now, once blooming and the older canes turn woody but put on flowers

Don't expect an ID but some names of possible mini's that I can look up would be greatly appreciated. (I've tried the ID this rose forum with no luck) Don't have pics yet as it still too chilly here for buds and blooms

Thanks in advance

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diane_nj 6b/7a Advanced Search. Click on "Bloom" or "Habit" and click the check boxes to try combinations. Or, you can just click on "Bloom" then "Color" and try looking at the list of "Lavender" roses.

Oh, and is it fragrant? Does it repeat bloom or is it a once-bloomer (could be one of the Antique roses)?

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bojo96(z5 IL)

Hi Diane and thank you... it is fragrant and once bloomer.
I've tried helpmefind, but maybe i'm putting in to many options...will try just lavender. Thanks again.

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