Crash course in minis

redsox_gwMay 21, 2007

Hi, I am fairly new to growing roses and I don't know much about minis. Is it too late to plant them in Zone 6? We are currently 80s during the day and 60s at night. Should I wait until mid April and just spend this year "planning"?

Are minis more or less difficult to grow compared to HTs? Also how much water do they take? I already read the list of favorite mini vendors. Thanks!

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Hi Redsox, You're still at a good temp to plant minis. Once you hit the 90's it's a little tough on any roses. Minis are tough little roses despite their appearances or sizes. I don't think minis are more difficult than HT's to grow, I think they're a little easier to maintain though. You still water a rose by the size that it is, I don't understand that question. I water my minis as deeply as the rest of the roses.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

I give the same care for my minis that I give to the rest of them. Same fungicide spray schedule, same fertilizing schedule, same watering, except for those in pots, they are watered more often. Not too late to plant, I just received two minis from our rose society's annual sale this past Saturday. I also have some that I am moving up in pots (I move them up in pot size as they grow until they reach a size that I feel comfortable putting them into the ground or into a large pot), some to repot this weekend. They will be sold potted and own root.

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