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spirit57May 21, 2011

I have another kordana rose from walmart. The last one I got I did plant outside, now I am finding out your not suppose to do that. My one I put outside is still alive. I got another one for a gift. Can someone please tell me the proper place to plant theses? Can they be outdoors full sun or not full sun. Searching on the internet I get different answers. I am in zone 4. In pots or the ground. Garden center said to put it in a pot than bring it in in the fall. Than she said they did not sell them so was not for sure.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Outside, in full sun. You can put them in the ground or in a pot, but you'll have to do something to keep it protected over the winter. In your zone, if you put it in the ground, you'll have to do some kind of winter protection (coving with soil or mulch or wrapping with burlap). If you keep it in a pot, bring the pot into an unheated garage or basement for the winter, keeping the soil moist, but away from light and heat.

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According to helpmefindroses.com, you can use these as borders, in rosebeds or keep them in pots.

Here is a link that might be useful: kordana

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seil zone 6b MI

I have some in pots and some in the ground. They do well either way as long as they're OUTSIDE!

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I just rec'd a kordana rose plant as a gift. I live in zone 6. I am looking to move in the next couple months and dont know what to do. should i plant the plant outside and then dig it up in a couple months or just keep it as is until I move?
Also is it safe to plant outdoors in zone 6?

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I would move it into a bigger pot to give the roots room to grow. Next spring you can plant it outdoors. As we keep saying, roses are outdoor plants. They will do quite well in zone 6 if given adequate sunshine, water and care.

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I bought Kordana roses from CVS when they were selling them for Easter. Keep them in they kitchen and was watering them at the most once a week think I could plant them outside when the weather turned warmer. None of them died and around late april I planted them in a garden I had cleared useing QuickStart and soil with peet mulch, no fertiilizer and mulch. Now I find them growing much bigger and spreading out, so I thought maybe them needed something to grow up not out. I looked online and found out them are supposed to be kept in a pot. Now how do I kept the roses growing and survive the winter in the ground? Or can I?

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seil zone 6b MI

I don't know where you're getting this information that these roses should be kept inside. It's not true at all. Roses, all roses, ALWAYS prefer being OUTSIDE! Roses like very high light levels and humidity. You would not keep your home bright enough or damp enough for them to be happy. You did the right thing and should have no problem wintering them in the ground. I don't know what zone you're in but if you want you can pile some mulch over their bases in the very late fall after a couple of hard frosts for some added winter protection. In the early spring when you see them begin to leaf out again pull the mulch back and prune off any winter damaged cane tips. They should come back with out a problem.

Miniature roses are only miniature in the size of the leaves and blooms. The plants themselves will get as large as any other rose. If yours are getting big it's because they are healthy and happy! Keep them watered and feed them some balanced fertilizer once in a while and they'll bloom all summer.

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