Can I Dig Up and Repot Mini Rose

janegael(6a CT)May 26, 2011

I have a truly tiny rose, it's only about a foot high at full growth. It's Canadian grown and supposed to be hardy so I took it out of the container and put it in the ground for the winter. It is very hardy and is back. It's so tiny I'm afraid I will step on it.

Can I dig it back up and put it in a pot? I'm thinking that if I can then this winter I will just bury the pot to winter it.

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seil zone 6b MI

Sure you can but it will probably do better in the ground. Put something like a short fencing around it or a tall stake to mark it's spot so you won;t step on it. If you do dig it up make sure you very gently remove all the ground soil and pot in potting soil. Garden soil doesn't drain well enough for pots. Sinking it may not be necessary if you have a shed or garage it can winter in. If you do sink it bury it deep!

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Hi seil - I have 5 Minis I underplanted around the foot of a 6y/o Kyushu tree Hydrangea. Only *Green Ice* is doing very well since moving there 5 years ago. the 4 have been intermittently good when not going thru the usual tantrums of BS & after treatments will be a while before doing well & bloom w/ their green clothes on (LOL).

Like Janegael ~ they are Canadian grown Minis & am thinking of digging up these temperamental 4 to care for in good size containers. After their Funginil treatment a month ago they look good leafed out & blooming again & in this oppressive heat of all conditions to look good!

I have a large early American copper firewood receptacle I prep'd for the 2 tiniest of the 4 & the other 2 will each have an urn ~ would appreciate your thoughts!


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Temps dropped thank heavens ~ was able to dig up 2 mini roses & containerized! Will prep vacated sites for OSO Easy Paprika arriving as soon as temps drop more! Can't wait!!!

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm surprised any of them are doing well under a tree! They need at least 6 and preferably 8 hours of full sun to bloom well. Besides that I'm sure they are fighting for water, nutrients and root room with that tree. Potting is fine as long as the pots have very good drainage and you use potting soil only, not top soil, garden soil, or dirt. If you are using that copper pot you'll have to drill holes in it. I'd also think about maybe lining the inside with bubble wrap to insulate the soil because that copper will really heat up in the sun and they'll dry out too fast. I know, I have one of those copper fire pits they sell and made the mistake of trying to pick it up one hot sunny day...OUCH!

Keeps us posted on that Paprika! I like the looks of it myself. Hungarian, what can I say, lol!

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