is this a Trinidad Scorpian?

andyandy(6bMI)September 6, 2012

Yesterday I asked if anyone could identify a Naga Viper. After looking at some picutes online and thinking back I think it was a "Trinidad Scorpian". None are ripe (I have loads of peppers but none ripe yet). Can anyone tell from this picture if this is a Trinidad and if not what it may be?



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They look like either Habanero's or Trinidad 7Pot. Here is a pic of the scorpion.

If you would like seeds from these, email me and I will send you some.


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Thank you, I think it may be trinidad 7pot you mentioned. unless the seeds I ordred were miss-marked. I did order 1 pack of yellow habanero and I know I have 1 of those plants. I've grown habaneros before and recognize them. I do have 4 ghost pepper plants and 1 that plant looks like the ghosts but the fruit is a differnt shape. i'm not sure what that is. I'll take some more pics tonight. Thank you, I will proablably take you up on your seed offer. i just moved and hagve a huge basement. I think I may put a green house down there this fall.

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Looks very habbish to me.

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Yeah, while its true not all scorpions develop the stinger, you should at least be seeing pods where they tried to make one. Fact that you've got a half dozen on that plant and none of them appear to even be trying to make the signature scorpion tail shape is a fairly good indication to me that its not a scorpion.

It might still be one, but the odds are against it at this point.

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Ok, I see now I know why they call it a scorpian. if the damn peppers would ripen I'd know for sure. I have 4 ghosts pepper plants, 1 yellow hab, and two that I'm not sure of. All loaded with peppers but nothing ripe. We are cooling off so starting tonight maybe a number of consecutive nights in the 50s will trigger them.

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for what its worth, i would say 7 pot, still a worthy pepper and the plants look good, John

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Thanx John. it's the smalles plant I have. I keep meaning to re-pot in something bigger. it may be done as far as fruit goes though. I don't see a lot of new flowers on it.

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