Still need help with id of rose

shonda(5a)May 12, 2005

I've been searching and searching for the identity of my miniature. I have recently posted here about it possibly being a "Fall Festival". Many responded and said it doesn't really look like it. I've found another rose it resembles today. It's the "Double Treat" a yellow blend striped mini unlike the orange and yellow of the Fall Festival. They have several pictures on the helpmefind site but not much information. I tried to find information on the size of the bloom of the Double Treat to see if it the same size as mine (approximately 2.5" in diameter) but haven't had much luck yet. I'm posting a couple more pictures of my rose in hopes someone will recognize it and have some information about it for me. As it begins to blossom the color is red (looks kind of orange in this picture but it's more of a red color) but slowly fades to pink as it opens more. Thanks everyone.

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diggerdave(Montana 4/5)

First thought was Earthquake or cl. Earthquake Photos I've seen on another forum are ringers for your pics. I think bloom size mentioned there was a bit smaller, an inch and a half to 2 inches.

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This could possible be "Double Treat", but it has one very identifing characteristic. It is a miniture moss rose. Here is a photo of mine:

Digger Dave mentioned "Earth Quake" which could also be a possibility, but it has alot of petals. So maybe not.

Both of these mini roses have flowers about 1-1/2 inches across which is smaller then you indicated. Maybe yours is a floribunda. Do the flowers grow one to a stem or in clusters of 2 or more?

Maybe "Modern Magic" (floribunda)

Or "George Burns" (floribunda)

Both of these floribundas have flowers sometimes one to a stem and sometimes 2 or more in clusters. On my plants the blooms are about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches across.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuss you more *lol*

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Thanks MsM84. My roses do resemble the Double Treat but I don't think thats what it is. Although the colouring is much the same, mine only turns that colour after the bloom is open a couple of days. They start out a red to red-orange mixed with yellow when the first open and after a couple of days they fade to a pink and yellow. I've been searching and searching. There is still a possibility it may be a Fall Festival but I can't be sure. My blooms have so many petals compared to the pictures I've seen of the Fall Festival though. I have five miniature rose bushes and although each of them are the same, the size of the roses varies from between 1.5" and 2.5" and there is only one flower to a stem. It doesn't look much like the other flowers you posted pictures of. Here is a very recent picture I have of my mini.

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I forgot to mention that all of the above roses do fade to a almost pink before they finally start dropping petals. Also the colors and strips vary with each blossom. Some with lots of red stripes well others more yellow stripes. Each one is unique in itself. If I think of any others I'll post them :o)

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dighappy(z7 NJ)

Would love to see a picture of the whole plant......its lovely.

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