Miniature Tree Roses

ldhigleyMay 18, 2008


I just bought a miniature tree rose. It will only grow to about 36-48 inches high. I planned on putting it in a container on my patio, but my neighbor says I should put it in the ground. I had been thinking of doing that but was not sure what kind of winter protection it would need for a southern Wisconsin winter if I did put it in the ground. Does anyone have experience with tree roses in northern climates and what protection they need for the colder months?

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I'm sure that in your climate, your mini standard will require some winter protection. You could keep it in the container and sink the container into the ground for the growing season. When it starts to freeze, you will need to move your tree into an unheated building or contrive some way to protect the graft union (where the rose variety was budded onto the root stock stem) which is the vulnerable part of any grafted rose.

All of my tree roses are grown in pots which are winter protected in an unheated garage, where they are moved outdoors in late winter when danger of a freeze has past.

If you experience prolonged freezing temperatures where you live, your tree will definitely require some winter protection.

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