Desret Rose for Tina!!!!

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaNovember 29, 2011

Hi Tina,

Here is the picture for you of the strange looking Desert Rose...

I hope this makes you smile!!!

A few other pics for you as well...

This one is from Dave P as a seedling..Hope your feeling better Dave!!!

For you Tina!!!

: )


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Ament(5a SD)

Aww Thank you so much Laura! =)

I just love the Desert Rose pictures. However, I think the belly one is my favorite, then the one with what looks like a pool cover in the back, the blue whatever it is in the middle of it. That one looks like she's sitting there all prim and proper, with her legs crossed. Love that one! LoL

Your Daughters dog makes me smile too. So cute! My two beasts won't tolerate clothes put on them. And my Dane nearly got a trip to the pound today. Woke up to a pillow strewn all over the house. Bits and pieces of it everywhere! As well as my Pantech Breakout destroyed. Dang Great Dane took it off the end table and shattered the screen on my smart phone. =(

Thank you for posting the pictures Laura, your DR's always cheer me up! =) Always! LoL I love them!!


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Great pics. Do you hand pollinate your DR flowers or are you just lucky? I've never had a seed pod.

Isn't it sad to see the pool cover on? We don't close down the pool until several weeks after it's too cold to swim just because it's so depressing to look at. lol I HATE the cold.

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Nice, Laura! Karyn, I have LOTS of Adeniums and have never gotten ONE seed pod, either. I see flying insects on them during the summer, but apparently they aren't doing their 'job'!

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Ament(5a SD)


I've come back every day, probably a couple times a day since you posted these. Just to oogle them, smile at them. LoL Probably going to get a few people to laugh at that. But I just love these! =)

Just wanted you to know just how much I appreciate your effort to post them for me.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Everyone!!!

Sorry for the crazy pics..Cant figure out how they came out side by side..Oh, well...I was trying to get them out fast for Tina!!!

Glad you enjoyed them TINA!!


So nice to see you!! Hope all is well with you and your family!!!

I dont like to see the pool cover on either. The chill in the air is here in Virginia. Cant believe it Dec 1st..WHere has the time gone? Oh my!!! We usually cover ours around Labor day. Seems that in the past, once the kids went back to school noone went in again. So it was covered... I agree, i like to see the pool open even when its to cold to swim in.

The cold weather is fine with me especially when it to be somewhere watching the snowfall, sitting beside the fire.. Thats a great feeling!! : ) welcome spring, summer again!!! Love all of the four seasons!!!

All of my DR's stay close to each other on my bench during the summmer and that is the way they are naturally pollinated. I have never tried to hand pollinate them, but it could be fun. Maybe next year!!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks KJ!!!


Im so glad you like the pictures!!! They are for you...

If they make you happy, please keep on looking!!!

I mailed your seeds today!! : )

Take care everyone!!!


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Laura all of my adeniums are close to each other too but no pods : ( Have a wonderful holiday season. You enjoy your snow. I'll head down south. lol

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Okay, now that I've had a few days to recover from cute overload--you gotta warn us when you're posting double(!) pics of that dog--I can say that Laura, you must have the magic touch with the seed pods.

I love the photo of Daisy Wilcox, too. What a fabulous inflo!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Karen!!!

I always love to head west or south!! Pick me up on your way!!! I love the warm sunshine too!

How are your trees doing? Did you bareroot any this year?

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!


Here is another picture for you!!! I wanted to warn you first!!! : )

The seedppods are liking something!! : ) I have a minature Hibiscus that has flowered (still blooming now) and also has some seedpods..its so small and adorable!

I will have to go and take a few pics for you to see this little beauty!!!

The Daisy Wilcox is another favorite... I think i have alot of favorites!!! : )

This picture was taken right after a rainshower. I loved how the raindrops settled on the blooms and on the was a beautiful summer morning...


Cute picture .... : )

Since this is a Plumeria forum...

Here is another of my favorites..
Pink Noid

White Noid

Take Care,


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