Snow, get out 'cause you're in my way!

jclepine(8b)April 4, 2010

I started some seeds today. I have the ever glorious gardening bug but am deep under dang old snow. Ack! I have an itch to get out and build something, I dunno what, maybe a cold frame or a square foot box or anything! But, I have nowhere to put stuff because my yard is covered in uneven drifts of snow and ice and grrrrr.

So, I guess I'll just satisfy my gardening craving by doing the unthinkable and cleaning up some dog poop. Not really what I had in mind but I guess it will help in the long run.

I planted three luttuces, two mesclun mixes, carrots, two kinds of beets, radishes and a bok choy.

When I can dig my strawberry planter out of the snow, I'll plant some of those too. It is a pretty, open-wire kind of thing on a pedestal that I think I'll line with mesh and moss first. I hope this will give me a chance to eat the strawberries I grow rather than getting to them after the slugs do!

Oh, my, I'm so excited about my garden this year!!!


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Ah, the only remaining snow in my yard is up against the south fence, which is where I don't plant anything anyway. Still, I feel your pain, because the WIND has been in my way this weekend. I was gonna tear through and do my spring yard cleaning, and came back in after about 5 minutes with a wind headache. Grr...

Still, I was able to squeeze in about 30 minutes before I had to start fixing Easter dinner, so I got lettuce, radishes, carrots, onions, spinach, and... oh yeah, beets planted. I'm gonna do the peas (which have been soaking since this afternoon and are finally plumped) by flashlight here in about 10 minutes...

Sick. Gardening is definitely a disease! (but one I don't mind "suffering" from!) Hang in there; the snow will be cleared out before you know it!

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A snow slide came down the 8,000', north facing ridge I view from my great room on Saturday. Probably triggered by an elk or deer. My garden still has a covering of snow although the south slopes are baring.


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