What's the best pesticide to use on spider mites?

arctictropical(Z4)November 14, 2010

Since I have about 40 plumeria growing indoors under grow lights this year, the spider mites have been a real problem. It's hard watching for mites on all of the plants. From your experience, what is the very best pesticide to use on these dang things? Insecticidal soap seemed to work last year, but this year, it doesn't seem to work that well. Right now I'm using Malathion, and that works OK, but I still see new mites every day. Help!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Hopefully others will comment.

I have never used these, but apparently, the very best products are those specific to mites and used in the plant production industry: Avid, Floramite, Akari, and others. BUT, many of these are for professional use only and require safety precautions. I doubt very much they should be used INDOORS. Also, they are very pricey but apparently go a long way. Hopefully Karyn will comment.

It is also beneficial to lower the room temp to around 50 to 55 degrees at night. I have very few mite issues in my cool garage (but other issues like black tip!), but more in my home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miticides

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I just hate using pesticides but have resorted to chemical controls for Broad Mites. For spider mites a good washing and keeping the humidity up should take care of them but if you want to use a pesticide I'd recommend Forbid or Floramite. Both are excellent at controlling spider mites and are pretty much mite specific. They contain an ovacide so only one application is usually necessary. They also have the ability to travel thru the tissue so only one side of the foliage need be sprayed. The only negative is their price. Both are fairly expensive but IMHO they are worth the cost.

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I sprayed my plumerias with neem oil and SO FAR they havent had any pests. But they are in a humid and slightly cool room (55% humidity on average with an average temperature in the upper 60s) and also havent been inside for long. Also, when spraying with neem oil watch for burning leaves under full sun (and possibly grow lights too).

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone. I bought some neem oil yesterday since that was what the local nursery had in stock. It looks like it should work, where it is an oil based pesticide. But man does it stink!

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