super hot plants found locally, LI, NY

hookilau(long island NY)September 20, 2012

I found a nursery with a greenhouse near my house that grows super hots! Next year I'm planning on having lots of different peppers to add to my sauce. I just happened to be browsing the succulents when I noticed the nurseryman had a small corner of HUGE ghost pepper plants. They had to be like 7' tall, in containers & with both ripe & ripening fruit.

He had a bunch of starts too that varied from wee little ones to the big ol, 'Honey get the jeep' kind! I struck up a conversation with the nurseryman who seemed surprised I knew the varieties (mostly from hearing you all talk) as I only know congo, weri weri & habs. He didn't have much, moruga, butch, & bhut but I'd never seen them anywhere for sale.

He was happy to give me 2 ripe ghost pepper pods & some of his sauce as well. He admitted the bhut was too hot for him so he cut the sauce with some hab, but it was good just the same. Wasn't particularly hotter than any table sauce I or my mom makes so I'm guessing not alot of bhut in there. I froze the pods he gave me, I'm going to have a go at them the next time I make up a big pot of Pelau. If it's too hot to enjoy, I plan to pop 'em into the magic bullet with some weri weri. Waste not want not 8)

He said he has a Guyanese friend who turned him on to the hot peppers but I got the feeling I was the first one to walk into that place, find value in them & look to buy. None had prices & he looked a little surprised when I made my way to them. I got the feeling too that he started them as an oddity because he said something about eating a ghost pod raw & having to spit it out. All I was thinking was 'why would anyone waste a good pepper trying to eat it without food?' I don't know if it's a WI thing but it's nice to have a bit of cucumber or avocado on one's plate when eating with pepper sauce.

I was *going* to buy some now & keep them in the house till next year, then I figured why bother when the greenhouse is so close & I can come check out their progress throughout the cold weather! I can't wait to see how they fare. I can't figure out why he started them now though. Shrug. Who cares. I can't wait till next year. Every mother's day, it's been a tradition btw my mom & I to trade hot pepper plants, next year my offerings are *sure* to top hers! heh heh!


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Antoinette - i'm glad to hear you found someone that handles them. Very few places do. I like growing from seed but have limited space for starting plants. I overdue things, have over 100 superhots in my garden right now. Anyway, heres a trick u might never thought of and find useful. My local greenhouse are not interested in carrying them, but if i supply the seeds they will gladly start anything i want for the same price as their regular stuff. In my area flats sell for 8 - 10 bucks. I have him start the in january when he starts his habaneros. I have him use 4 packs, more room for them to grow, and i still get 32 plants per flat. A steal for 10 bucks plus the seed. You might want to check into it. If u need any seed, let me know, John

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hookilau(long island NY)

Hi John,

That's a sweet deal you've got going on with your local greenhouse. I also tend to overdo things. I'm currently trying to find room for a ba-jillion echeverias & their assorted cohorts, lol. Not to mention the peppers I plan to overwinter. I really gotta learn when to say 'when'.

Thanks for the idea though. I might just have to talk to my new pal, Quincy the nurseryman & see what we can work out. I've *never* seen anything but jalepeno & habs locally. I'm stoked.


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For picking which peppers to overwinter, do what I do. Cut them down into bonsais. Not only do they take up less room, but the decision of which ones to keep and which ones to let go are made by the plants themselves. The ones with the coolest trunks and branches stay, the regular boring trunks go.

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hookilau(long island NY)

Edy, your roots over skull in my head lives in my head XD! I don't have as fine an eye as you do, but about 2 wks ago I chopped 2 hot pepper plants.

Both were about 3' tall and just as wide. I cut 'em down to about 7" and this weekend, I will bare root, gritty their feet & bring them in. Here's the before & after...

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hookilau(long island NY)


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hookilau(long island NY)


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hookilau(long island NY)


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It looks to me like you did a fine job cutting back your plants. Good luck this winter.

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Wow! The only hot pepper plants I have found on LI are habaneros. I have purchased Ghosts and scorpions from the Web. I have 17 varieties I'm grwoing this season in a raised bed garden.

If I may ask, which Garden Center did you get those super hot plants from. Thanks.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Try sending a message to Antoinette. This thread is a year old and I haven't seen her back here.

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Will do. Thanks!

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