Time for rest, but noone is listening!!!

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaNovember 7, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to post some pics of my "kids" in the backroom trying to settle down for the winter.

Like most kids, they are not listening to "mom.."

LOL...i know they are relaxing, but they still want to talk when the door is shut!!!

See the new leaves?

To top it offf..Penang Peach is pushing an inflo and some others are still blooming. I do have some that i am keeping active, i did post those on the soil thread.

I also have others that are under the lights....

They look cold and lonely in the backroom..Thought you all would like to see the chatty bunch!!!

Take care,

Laura in VB

Have a great day everyone!!!

Laura in VB

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Laura, even without leaves, your plants all look so healthy!

They do look like wound-up kids! "But Mom, I'm still blooming!" LOL


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You have your hands full with your "kids" lol!! thanks for sharing and they look well taken care of and healthy!


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Mine are having a hard time settling down too, but no inflos! Some days it's 75 here then it goes down to 35 at night so I think they are confused! Is that a seed pod forming?

RuthAnne in SC

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Hi Laura,

Your plumies look very happy! I see a lot of bark in the pots. Is it in the whole mix or did you add it to the top of the pots? Are you going to stop watering altogether until Spring? Are you going to mist? I am going to put my plumies inside my house as well, and want to know how to care for them once inside.

Thank you!

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Hi Laura! Nice seeing that you're as addicted to plummies as I am! Mine are beginning to bloom under my grow lights. None have gone dormant. My outdoor growing season is too short to let them go dormant without flowering. I've got a nice display of about 6-8 open blossoms on my Dwarf Deciduous and another flower spike ready to start blooming. My Mini white is also about ready to bloom with several spikes. My Penang Peach is sending up some infos. Maybe more! I'll post some pics later.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Greg!!!

You are right, they are like a class of first graders out of control. Its a good thing they dont have legs!!! LOL... thank you for the kind comments!!!

Hi Chuy!!!

Thank you as well! I just want them to settle down...they will but they always put up a fuss, before they finally rest!!! I do my best to take good care of them!! I do love all of them!! : )


You have a good eye!!! : ) I do add some extra Fir bark on top of the pots to protect them during the summer. Sometimes the roots can be exposed to the top and i dont want the sun to damage them. Sometimes we have temps in the triple digits and i have to sink my pots in other larger pots with mulch around them to protect them from the high temps. Kind of what some others do when they fully sink their pots in the ground and sink them into other pots. That is a great way too!!

I also like the look of the Fir Bark on top, kind of like putting mulch around your beds. I just like the look!

As far as misting them during the winter. I never have. I do water them about every 3 weeks and limit the water as to how large the container is. I wait until the container is dry and even then wait, then i give just a little water too keep them alive, but not enought to cause root rot. I do keep the blinds closed and the vents off and keep the room cool. They seem to like this and i can close the door and not worry about them!! LOL..Right! I do check on though... That is a seed pod. Looks funny, but its still growing. I did have a few others..but once my son came home from college on a break, he brought his cute little Lab who has a tail that knocks things everywhere, including seeds pods. You can guess what happened... Now, i only have one. The others were on my Lani and my Psycho!
That was a big dissapointment, but its not the end of the world. There will be others... : )

Hi K,

Nice to see you!!! I did see your post on the Palm side. Im so surprised that you haven't protected yet. They look wonderful!! You have done a great job with all of your trees! Big fan here!! Palms in Zone 4..unbelievable!!!

I am ann addict, yes!! Glad to know you are too! Especially knowing that we have two of the same addicions..Palms and Plumeria!!!

I cant wait to see your pics!!! Always something pleasing to see!

My PP is trying to push as well... not the time now..

Take care and stay warm!!!

Laura in VB

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Hi Laura, They look a lot different then when they are on the deck and in front of it. Hurry spring!!! Peg

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Hi Laura,
Thanks for answering my questions. The plumies look really nice w the bark mulch. I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea. Are all the plants rooted? If not, do you treat the rooted and unrooted the same when you are trying to settle them down?
Thanks again,

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mae,

Yes these babies are all rooted and wanting to crawl out of these containres because they are tired of being in these pots...that is why they will be root pruned this spring... : ) then put back into these same pots...

You are more than welcome to copy anything i do...that is the best compliment!!! : )

i keep the cutting that i am rooting active in a sunny window ona heating mat,unless yoouu have a better place thast yiu can give them bottom heat ...like driveway heat of the day...remember..no water until leave are 4-6 inches..that is why we all like too use the bottles..we can check on the progress of the rooting process! you dont want the cuttings that you are trying to grow to be treated the same as dormat trees.

Take care,

Laura in VB

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That is very helpful! My babies, cuttings and I thank you! I have lost plumies in the past due to freeze and want to be proactive this time around.


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They look great! I guess they are going to do there own thing for a while! Mine arent growing much thankfully (I dont want to deal with those spider mites!). I have a No Id that goes into dormancy very very quickly. It has been indoors for about 2 weeks and its already full dormant. I have 2 that are pushing up inflos and so far, the inflos are remaining healthy! Indoor plumeria blooms are always nice to see.
Thanks for sharing!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Thanks Alex!!

How have you been? My trees are all starting to settle down except for a few... My Thai Super round has pushed another inflo and so has my Penang Peach and a Guillots Sunset in the backroom. The few that i have actively growing are doing great!!

My Taj Mahal is getting ready to blooom, but im sure the color wont be anything like it was during the summer. But you are right, it is nice to have blooms during the winter months...

My Seedpod on the Pink Noid fell off today... : (

Between the dog, with her huge tail...my seedpods have really been hit hard.

Take care Alex!!


You are more than welcome...glad to help!!!

Hope all is well with you and your cuttings!!

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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Hi Laura! Everything is doing well here. The cuttings you gave me are still doing really well and Most of my plumerias are also finally settling down. Im really happy too because I definitely dont want to deal with too many spider mites! I think they are looking forward to another growing season soon though! Only 5 more months to go, lol.
Glad to hear you still have some plumerias wanting to bloom, sorry to hear about your seed pod falling off.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Laura,
I too have a few plumeria that are not sleeping yet....maybe I need to get you on the phone so you can give them a good talking to LMAO!!

You will have to forgive me...my humor is definetly wacky today. I only had maybe a half hour of sleep. From about midnight until 4:30am I was running back and forth between my bedroom, the pare bedroom, and the basement trying to get all my plants into there permanent spot for the winter.

I will put up some othr lights in the basement next week to for the plants down there. Thanks again for the spray, I really aprreciate it! I feel more confident about taking some preventative steps to keep insects and diseases off of my plants.

man, it seems like this day took forever to get here but no that it is here, I wish I could have a few more days to prepare for my surgery. My parents will be here in about 45 min. and I still need to shower. Chat later and thanks for this interesting post!

Take care,

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

I also have Plumeria that won't go to sleep, I keep the temps about 65 in my basement where there under light with my other plants. should I lower the temps to put them to sleep or just let them be ? I'm in zone 5 some times 6


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Andrew,

They probably wouldnt listen to me anyway!!! LOL!!!

Glad to hear your surgery went well!

Rest and feel better!!!


Sounds like they are perfectly happy. Let them do as they want unless you have space issues like i have with so many trees. If they are happy under the lights and you want them to continue to grow and stay active. I would let them do as they wish!!!

They will tell you when they are ready for dormancy..Enjoy them!!!

Take care,

Laura in VB

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