roses and asprin

caraskikiMay 7, 2008

i have been told that if i put an asprin in the water that i am giving my roses it will help them grow, i am wondering if this is advice i can follow since my roses are have been transplanted to a bigger pot and they are already doing better than what they were three weeks ago.

if anyone knows the answer please respond



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Hmmmm. I've heard of putting an asprin in the water for cut roses in a vase but never heard of watering with asprin.

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if you try it out let us know
im tempted to try on one of my many minis just to see the results. Im a bit iffy though, im scared it might kill it

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I think that the idea of using aspirin is that it will boost the imumune system of the plant, which will help during periods of stress and pests attacks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aspirin for Roses

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I used the Asprin on them, they are still doing great. i think as long as we do not do it everytime we water them it will be alright.

next thing i need to know is how to take care of dormant minis so that they will bloom again next year.

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The miniature roses I have in containers are over wintered in my garage. Years ago, when I didn't have indoor space, I dug a hole in the garden soil and dropped the container into the hole, then covered over with a little soil. The roses always survived without any problems. But, it depends on what degree of winter protection your climate zone dictates. If you're a warmer zone, you may not need to go to extreme measures to hold them through winter.

Before my pots are stored in my UNHEATED garage, I spray them soundly with lime sulphur dormant oil cocoction, and so far I'm only bothered slightly with a few aphids before they are retrieved in spring, by which time they have usually leafed out. They are then kept under cover - the house overhang until it is safe to put them out in the elements.

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