scented minis

joebar(pnw8)May 16, 2008

i know that scented miniatures are hard to come by, and i have as many as i could get from my quality source this spring. i bought 4 scentsationals, and a reiko, which is stunning. water lily has a mild scent. i have two sweet chariot hanging baskets which are not in bloom yet. what other minis are known for their scents?

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I must be really bad, I don't pay much attention to that if I like the rose.
Sweet Arlene though has a terrific scent, I'd rate it a 10. Though technically it's a mini flora.

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Gourmet Popcorn has a lovely scent once the bush is mature enough. Cheese Cake, Danielle, Ko's Yellow and Lavender Crystal are all supposed to be fragrant although I can't vouch for them. I only just planted Lavender Crystal this spring.

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i bought a lavender crystal last year gilli, and it was nice, but it was the only rose that didn't survive the winter. i now know that mauves are tenderer than other colours.

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two of my favorites for there sent is, Norwich Sweetheart and pacific serenade the first is fairly dark red the other a beautiful yellow

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Wow Joebar. You're in zone 8 too. I will have to be very careful how I winterize Lavender Crystal here. We have quite cold winters.

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