A mini from the 1960's

minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)May 4, 2013

My grandmother bought a really pretty mini off a cereal box in the mid 1960's. It had small leaves, only got about a yard tall, had creamy yellow flowers edged in coral, and I THINK it bloomed all summer long (in Oakland, CA, in the hills). It (at least for Grandma!) rooted really well by cuttings, as she had 4 of them by the time she died in 1984. USDA says that's 10a.

Would ANYBODY have any idea what the name of that mini would have been?



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seil zone 6b MI

The only yellow mini that shows up on a search at Help Me Find pre 1970 is one called Baby Goldstar.

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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5


Just a guess here. There were very few mini roses widely available in the 60's. One of the very first was Baby Masquerade, also called Baby Carnival...bred from the full-sized Masquerade by Tantau in 1955., and like it, a color-changing rose that got coral/red on the yellow petal edges. It was cupped in form, not a high-centered HT-type.


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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

Bob, that was close, but I (vaguely, mind you!) remember the color being not like that, and I THINK it had fewer petals. I don't remember the spotty coloring as it aged as I see in the picture of Baby Masquerade. I'd grab it if I could find it, but it's not that important to me. It was - in my memory - much like Rainbow Bliss - BUT, more a very pale yellow than the white or off-white base of RB, and more coral than the deep red of RB, and a wider edge of color than the fairly thin edge of RB. So, very like but very different.

I'd like to ID it because it was a pretty little bush, which became 4 pretty little bushes (Gram had the GREENEST of green thumbs), and it would be a fun memory of her. That said, I'd rather have Rainbow Bliss if I'm restricted to either or.

Thanks for thinking about it and giving me something to look at!


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I would have thought you were describing 'Yellow Magic', but that didn't come along till 1970. Does this look more like it?:

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Magic

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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

It's closer! It's a nice little one, isn't it?! It looks like the color at the tips of the petals could vary with sun exposure, doesn't it? The reason I'm so fixated on Gram's rose being from the '60's is that we moved away the summer of 1969, and I'm pretty sure she had it by then.

Who knows, maybe I'm wrong on the date. I sure like all the pretty little ones you guys keep showing me.


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