walmart parade roses

blair1504(minnesota)May 30, 2005

This is the frist year that I bought these types of roses. The tag tells me nonething about them. Once they bloom should you cut them? Or leave them alone?

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Portiemom(San Diego)

I've had no experience with these, but I should think that any rose will look better and be healthier if you remove the spent blooms.
Remember to cut just above a cluster of 5 leaves.

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Yoder(Z5 NY)

I recently bought a few of these roses also, but I don't know how hardy they are. I live in southern New York and I need to know if these roses will stand up to NY winters.

Can I leave them in pots on the patio over the winter? If so, should I cover them? Cut them back, and if so, when?

If I need to bring them inside for the winter, do they need a dormant period?

All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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taupe79(z5 Illinois)

While this is the miniature roses forum, it may be better to post this on the normal roses forum in order to get more (and quicker) responses. It's worth a try!

P.S. I've been eyeing these at WMart too, but the lack of info on the tag has kept me from buying. I hope you find something out! :)

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I bought 6 WM Parade roses about three weeks ago, I somehow managed to keep them alive especially since I live in an extremely hot and humid state.
The first week, I watered them everyday and kept them in the shade, they lost a lot of leaves but I was told that it's normal. Now, they are doing great, I have all of them in 8 inch clay pot, three of them gets 8 hrs. of full sun and the other three gets about 5 hrs of full sun, they are all doing good. I water 3 times a week now by way of soaking them.
When I bought the roses, they were in full bloom, once they finished, I cut all the spent blooms. I notice more buds coming out though, I can't wait to see them. I am just happy I managed not to kill them this time!


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dpinker1(z4 NY)

I snip of the blooms and they grow back. When there are five like mentioned snip below them. I do plan on covering them this winter. I am so happy with those I got. I did find those grown in Canada to hold up well. I also fertilize them every few weeks.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

The Parade series is from Poulsen Roses in Germany. Many are made available to the mass-marketers by Aldershot Greenhouses in Canada. They are minis just as any other mini, and as some of you have already found out, respond to good rose care. Yes, they should be deadheaded (old spent blooms removed), yes they should be fertilized regularly, and watered. They have been grown in a greenhouse, that's why you get the leaf drop when you plant them outside. This is normal. Keeping them watered is key. They are meant to be bushy and to provide plentiful blooms. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Poulsen's Parade Series Roses

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I was just given two of the walmart Parade mini roses. Are they climbers or are they more ground cover?

Any info would be great.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Neither. Think small bushes, anywhere from 1 - 3 feet tall.

And Walmart isn't the only place that carries them, BTW.

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I found this great website, it tells you everything you want to know about this beautiful flowers.

You should check it out!!!

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