Do you have bees yet?

michelle_co(z5 CO)April 15, 2008

I have bees buzzing the hyacinth, and tiny beelike things buzzing the Japanese Willow! Maybe there is a hive near my house? That would be fine with me.

Who else is seeing bees in the garden?



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Those little ones around the willows are there, and they're coming into the greenhouse to check on the flowers. I saw a 3' garter snake today.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

What ARE those little willow bees?? They sure are tiny.

Yep, piles of garter snakes are about. They overwinter in the cellar stairs, and I can't walk anywhere in the garden without tripping over a snake. :-) They are in big trouble if I get my hands on some guinea keets...

What's flowering in the GH? My coldframe roses are setting buds... The outdoor catmint is getting ready to pop, and the first tulip was open today.


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No bees here as yet. I have seen paper wasps, some cabbage moths and a fly or two, but no bees. :-(


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meteor04(5-Northglenn CO.)

I was just out front putting down some crabgrass control on the yard, and saw one of those huge fuzzy bees.

Scared the fertilizer out of me.

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Until the most recent chilly weather, there were yellow jackets showing up regularly in the greenhouse. They can come in when the vents are open.

More pleasant companions - the butterflies have been out whenever the temperature rises above 50°F. Hard for me to believe, but fritillaries and admirals (I think they are) shoot thru every few minutes on a warm afternoon! What they are up to when we aren't having warm afternoons - I have no idea.


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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Has anyone tried beekeeping? I have been doing some reading, and thought that a small hive would be a reasonable addition to the farm. If the bees already like it here, might as well give them a hut and charge them some honey for my troubles. :-)


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