Can You Get Cafe Ole to Its Proper Color?

caduceus(8b Oregon Coast)May 7, 2004

I'm having a dickens of a time getting Cafe Ole' to its namesake color. I've tried different combos of morning sun, afternoon sun, dappled sun and I can never get anything other than a silvery mauve color.

Can those of you with a creamed coffee colored Cale Ole' tell me how it is done? Is it sun-shade combo? Soil pH? Air temperature/humidity? Type of fertilizer?

I would think that the color was an urban garden myth, but I did happen to see a huge Cafe Ole' at the nursery at Uncommon Rose, whose color was true to its name.

I'd appreciate any words of wisdom...

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Rosy_Dawn(Canterbury, NZ)

I have been growing plants of Cafe Ole for many years, and every plant seems to be unstable in colour. There will be times when it is almost identical to it's parent, Winter Magic, and at other times it will be a lovely coffee colour with no silver at all. I have tried a number of things such as different types of fertilizer, light variations, different soil/potting mixes, etc. etc. all to no avail. There are often times when the plants will have silver/grey and coffee flowers open at the same time. I think we just have to accept that this sport is not particularly stable, and enjoy all the flowers, whatever colour they are. They are always beautifully scented.

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In my experience, the plant tends to produce more tan colored blooms once fully established. However, my plants produce both colors, no matter what the weather or cultural variations I throw at it. Often, I have plants with both colors at once! I consider it a bonus!


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caduceus(8b Oregon Coast)

Thanks for the perspectives. My plant isn't that old, so I guess I'll have to wait a little longer for some latte colored blooms. I'll enjoy the fragrance as I wait...

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littlesmokie(Portland z8)

I only grew this rose for a year and I never saw the nice coffee colors I was expecting. When I bought it, I didn't realize there were troubles with it reverting to Winter Magic so was annoyed & a tad bit horrified when my blooms were pretty uniformly gray. In fairness, I just lost all patience with this rose because it also had disease problems in my mostly no-spray yard. This is why the forums are valuable I think, to learn about the roses in the real world, rather than the marketing photos and descriptions. Here's to you enjoying your coffee colored blooms soon! Dawn

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I planted three from Uncommon Rose last season at the front of my east-facing bed. Tiny at first, but they've done well, tending to spread out twice as far as up.

I had coffee-with-cream blossoms throughout the spring, summer and fall, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker. I could never tell what was creating the effect but it seems temperature or sunlight-linked to me. When it started to cool off here last November I noticed great variation; they would open up the "right" color, then fade over two or three days to a very light lavender, almost white. I enjoyed the metamorphosis.

Also during this period, I got the biggest blooms, some of them 3 inches across on big strong candelabras of 5-9 buds! This really surprised me from a mini. I think Uncommon's website said max flower size was 2" and I'd only seen them bear singly or in small clusters up to three previously.

The whole time they have smelled so great, too--pervasive and wafty yet light and kind of lemony. Yeah, I kinda like them and I guess they can stay. Good luck with yours!

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