Cuttings from a destroyed Naples, Florida monster tree!

JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)November 1, 2013

I spent last week vacationing in Naples and came across a horrifying sight! I was walking down the street on my way to the beach and there was a landscape truck with a huge bucket putting large trees in the back. I didn't think too much about it until I noticed some plumeria leaves! According to the workers, the house had just sold and the new owner ripped out everything to start anew... I was able to get some very nice cuttings from the branches laying on the ground. The 6 inch trunk and main branches were already in the back of the truck... I couldn't have shipped it home anyway... :)

Unfortunately, there were no flowers on the ground, so I couldn't identify the tree. I did however put the address in google maps and there is a beautiful picture of the tree in bloom. If you go to the street view and go down the side street there is a better sense of the flower. I am not sure what varieties were even around 15-20 years ago when this tree was planted...

Any help would be appreciated...

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the map

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:-(. Sad. Unfortunate


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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

Cuttings taken... Largest is 28 inches.

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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

Close up of leaf scars to help identification.

I purchased and sprayed some fungicide/insect killer on the cuttings and let it dry before I packed them in the suitcase. I plan on reapplying it before trying to root them. Can I over apply it?? There was some rust on the leaves before I cut them off and I don't want it to spread to my other plants! Thanks!


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How sad. I wish Hetty from the Naples Botanical Gardens would have know about it. She would have been down there probably climbing in the truck to get the plant!

This time of year some of the plants will get rust but since the leaves are falling off it is generally not a problem. The spraying you gave them should be sufficient in my opinion.


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