I want single minis, preferably with dark stamens-cuttings!

drasaid(zone 8)May 19, 2006

I have Little White Lies, which is not listed as a climber but sure is growing like one. I also have some other minis but they are not as big as Little White Lies, hence I am not able to give as many cuttings.

I am after stuff like Simplex, Single's Better, Roseketeer, Crazy Dottie, Grace Seward, et al. Anyone want to indulge me?

I can also get cuttings of Henrietta's Pink Picayune AKA Hwy. 160 Pink Buttons. It is like Rouletti but with more petals; it is older than Rouletti being listed in 'Everblooming Roses'.

I can also get some of the wild Macartny Rose in cuttings but you may be sorry if you get it. Evil, evil rose and only blooms once.

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My favorite is You 'n Me, also a McCann rose and also a white but one that is catching my attention is one of Jerry Justice's called "Whirlygig". It is a pink but a delight. John's Miniatures might have it if you email them and ask. And my Little White Lies grows like a climber too.

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