Very inexperienced gardener in need of help!

abeardlovesaidenMay 23, 2012

I bought my boyfriends mother some parade roses but when we went to go see her an hour away I forgot to bring the roses so we got her something else and I got stuck with the roses. I don't know a thing about gardening or taking care of plants but I've been lightly watering them every morning and they sit in sunlight for a little bit while the sun is rising because I have them indoors. I also pick out the dead leaves that fall and yellow leaves and turn the pot every couple days.

They seem to be doing fine, it looks like I have 4 individual plants growing in one small pot and I started with one slightly blooming rose to four full bloomed roses. On the inside of one the middle part (not sure what it is called.. like I said I don't know anything about plants) it is dark almost black and I'm not really sure but I don't think that is a good thing... so if anyone has the time to help an inexperienced gardener learn how to grow these roses inside or out I would really appreciate it :)

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seil zone 6b MI

Take them outside! Roses are always happier outdoors. If you have a garden you can plant these right in the ground and they will last for years. Or you can pot them up into a larger pot. In either case they need full sun for at least 6 or 8 hours a day.

They always stick 3 or 4 rooted stems into these gift pots so they will look fuller and sell better. You can try and separate them but that can be risky. If you damage the roots you might lose them.

Keep them watered and feed them with any good balanced fertilizer. They should grow and bloom all summer for you!

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Thank you seil.. how much should I water them and what is a good balanced fetilizer to use? How do I take care of them as far as "pruning" (not sure if that's the right word) and how do I keep them growing for years? Haha sorry I'm like a newborn baby when it comes to gardening

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They have rose fertilizers if you want to buy that although it is more expensive. They like a soil pH of 6.5. Minis can be pruned at anytime. Pune back branches that are crossing or growing inward. I go for an all over ball shape with mine. I deadhead the dead blooms to keep it blooming longer. Water at the base of the plant and don't get any water on the leaves. I use the bayer antifungal/insecticide on mine to keep them healthy. Trim any leaves with black spots on them immediately and through the leaves in the trash. Do not compost or let lie on the ground. I mulch around my roses with a bark mulch so the soil doesn't splash up on the leaves when I water.

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seil zone 6b MI

Roses need about an inch of water per week but that will also depend on how hot it is too. In very high heat you'll need to water more and more often. I don't worry about not watering the leaves. As a matter of fact I hose mine off frequently, especially if it's very hot. But a good hard spray with the hose will also take care of a lot of pests like aphids and spider mites. Keeping the leaves clean can also help prevent fungal diseases. The spores are there whether the leaves are wet or not. Weather conditions decide when they'll grow more than anything else.

In the early spring you can do a hard prune. Anything that has died over winter can be removed as well as crossed canes. But as tkhooper said, you can prune them for shape any time. I usually prune them to the size and shape I want as I'm dead heading the spent blooms.

Any good balanced fertilizer will do. You don't need special rose food. If you want to you can add some organics like a fish emulsion but it's not necessary.

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